Friday, March 6, 2009

flags, banner, garland, bunting

Happy Friday!
This has been quite a week and I still haven't touched any clay. There was unpacking to do, inventory to take, packing and shipping orders (thank you!!), paper work, show applications, strategizing, dog walking, tv watching, sleeping, cleaning, laundry, snow shoveling, organizing, bill paying, whining about bill paying, shopping, and many other things filled my days to the point I wondered what in the world have I been doing! Because I still have so much more organizing and cleaning to do, oh and shopping (i need a new chair).
So, now that I am actually ahead for the first time since I started on this clay venture I thought, wow! can I maybe take up something new like guitar playing or concentrate on water colors? Maybe both? I need to take some time to do something other than clay. Mostly because I just want to but perhaps it will help to inspire me. I doodle quite a bit but would like those doodles to be beautiful water colors instead of just stuffing them in a box or in my sketch book. I also think I finally have the patience to take on an instrument, I strum pretty well and can wing it a bit. Ahh, the guitar, from pretending to play John Denver songs as a kid to punk as a teen, we've had our moments. Maybe now would be a good time to have one of my own, any tips on buying an acoustic guitar? All I know is that I want steel strings and a cool strap!
Anyway, I just wanted to pop in to wish you all a nice weekend, spring ahead already! And spring is coming so quick. I will be launching a few new designs, like the one above for spring 2009. I can't decide what I want to call the flags, I am leaning towards flags. This one was actually inspired by balloons stuck to a light pole. After doodling for a bit I decided ballons just weren't me so I switched to flags, and the concept of doing a series on things birds steal. What do you think?
Have a happy weekend, maybe a trip to the beach is in order - it's going to be sooo nice this weekend.


Jerry said...

Love the flag motif. To me they look like Buddhist prayer flags, just a different shape.

I think the "things birds steal" idea is a winner! Looking forward to seeing what you bring out in the future.

Kip said...

It definitely sounds like you deserve a trip to the beach after all the work you've been doing! I like the idea of what birds steal, there's a lot for you to work with there. And, with spring on the way and all the nest building that will soon be happening, I'm sure the birds will provide you with some good inspiration! Have you checked out Geninne's Art Blog? She does some wonderful watercolors and is greatly inspired by birds. If you haven't seen it already, it might be worth a look: Congratulations on your success in Baltimore, it sounds like things went really well!