Wednesday, December 29, 2010

tick, tick, tick

sigh, the holidays are here...
I do hope you had a wonderful time and are planning something splendid for the new year. We had a very nice first Christmas with our wee lady, she's 11 months old now! We've been renovating away on our new home and my new studio keeps getting filled with construction materials for the house, hence the sigh... I still haven't packed up my old studio and feel like I just might sneak in there and start making pots again. The plan for my new studio is to do a bit more demo on the walls before we put it back together again. My wish list is to insulate and finish the walls, switch out the garage doors with french patio doors, paint the floor, install new lighting, and new electric, then at long last move in and get to work. Oh, I also need a sink and a heater and I'm sure many other needs will pop up. It's been slow going as many projects like this are. I just might settle for the bare neccesities until spring. We just had our first snow to remind me that putting in new doors (which we have no experience doing) might be a cold difficult project and can wait until nicer weather. We thought we had the demo done until I figured out that the electic on one side of the house didn't work and our unwelcome house guests (mice) just might have chewed the wiring. That paired with a curious buldge on my studio wall have us wondering what's inside it (yuck!!!! I really don't want to know) So demo we will. The nice thing about a studio is that when we put it back together the walls don't have to be perfect like they should be in a house. Especially since there will be shelving in front of it. Anyhow, I wanted to update here since it's been quite some time since I've uttered a peep. The above picture is from just after the demo and it's a bit cleaned up and not filled with things that shouldn't be in there. I'll snap some new pictures once we actually start working on this. But for now, I'm still closed and thinking about having a moving sale.