Friday, January 15, 2010

last day... for a while

So today is my last open day for Little Flower Designs. I've been going non-stop for almost 4 years. And by non-stop I mean, working very long hours 7 days a week. Living, breathing, being Little Flower Designs with time for barely anything else. I've LOVED it, it was my goal for a such a long time before I gained the skills and sales to make it my full-time life. And 4 years is an under estimate, before going full time with my biz, I worked for 8 years in corporate america while honing my skills and figuring out my escape route. So now, here I am facing a welcome change, my little lady will be here soon (soon please little lady, soon!) I want to thank everyone that has supported my little biz and made my dream possible. It is incredible to be a working self supporting artist and now to enter doing it as a mama, I am sure it will be rewarding in a much deeper way. Over the next few months I will be figuring out all things baby and how to combine that with running my biz. I will pop in for updates here and there and of course to announce the relaunch of Little Flower Designs. If you need me, you can always e-mail! I am taking some orders for my return, but be warned the turn around times are sketchy until I get my mama-studio groove going!
Thank you all for your support!
xo, Linda

Sunday, January 10, 2010

front page in the middle of the night

In the middle of the night my funny bird serving dish made it's way to the frontpage of etsy.
Thanks Etsy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

welcome new year!

Welcome lovely new year!
I hope you all had a wonderful break, we had a nice rest, filled with family and quite a bit of baby prep! ok, and alot of movie watching. I am back in the studio today, moving very slow but still going and grateful for that. Over the break I set a date to close up for maternity leave, January 15th, 2010 will be my official close date. And baby allowing, I will re-open in late spring. So don't count me out!!! I have plans to change things up a bit, to work a less hectic schedule, to hire help and to introduce a new medium. The new year is sure to be quite an adventure, and of course I am nervous and excited. If any parent makers are reading and have tips on balancing their day between infant and making, please feel free to send them my way.
It's a sunny freezing day here in SE-PA, a perfect studio day.
Happy 2010, Linda