Monday, September 29, 2008

my first guest blog post!

Jen over at Indie Fixx invited me to do a guest blog post which she posted today! Thank you to Jen for inviting me, and welcome to anyone that finds their way here to my wee blog. I am happy to have you! Here is a link to the post: - see Marley peeping at you?
Enjoy! Linda

Thursday, September 18, 2008

inside/outside & love

Inside the studio I just couldn't resist getting to work on my latest obsession, the tree's are in the kiln right now, let's hope for a good firing. It's hard to tell from the picture but they are 15" and 13" platters. The big one is mine because I love it!
Outside is another love, Miss Marley super model. We're finally in the good years!! We had a rough start but miss crazy pants has finally become as sweet as she looks. And she's behaved enough to give her the run of the house when we go out. This sweetie is the happiest creature I have ever met, and if you get the chance to meet her she's sure to spread that joy onto you!
On the nets, fellow potter and amazing creator Diana Fayt was the featured seller on etsy - read the interview here. While on etsy, check out Yokoo's feature too - her photo's grabbed my attention on flickr so I was happy to read the interview about her knit accessories line. Diana mentioned on her blog a great interview with Ayumi Horie, be sure to read this one as she describes perfectly the life of a potter.

Weekend plans? I will be joining the Philadelphia Independent Craft Market at the Give Festival on saturday in the Liberty Lands Park in Philadelphia. Come out and say hello, buy a pot and support a terrific cause all while listening to great live music and drinking beer! I think I might bring Miss Marley along - free puppy hugs with every purchase! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a sale!

September is a nice time to have a sale, don't you think?
Feel free to spread the word!
xoxo, Linda

Sunday, September 14, 2008

put a set together

I was putting a nice set together for a wedding registry and thought I'd share. This is the bird on a wire set, the bird is inspired by the sweet little nuthatch. And the solids are a great compliment, I'm really getting into dinnerware!
Happy Sunday!

Friday, September 12, 2008


The dinner and salad plates are also now available for order.
Visit my site to check out all the newness!
Then let me know what you think!
Thanks, Linda


This has been a busy week of making, I hope everyone is ready for plates and platters because that is all I want to make right now. Here is a little window into my process - I etch all those lovely lines into the clay. Even the border!
I made it down to Art Star yesterday to drop off a batch of new work including platters, vases and one scoop bowls. Their new boutique is awesome, especially with the Camilla Engman show hanging there in all it's greatness. The original pieces I loved the most were sold so I ordered the amazing show print which Camilla is signing right now!
Other than the studio we've been goofing around a bit, watching movies on demand (21 good, smart people so-so and the bank job very good) and looking for a new house. I know that doesn't sound goofy but we're in the dreaming stage and would like to upgrade from our wee cottage to a beautiful gentleman's farm in New Hope, PA! While we do live in a top 100 community according to Money Magazine, #21 to be exact, we want a huge yard and a less neighborhoody area to call our own. I also need to be near a park or somewhere to go on nice walks. But most importantly, I want out of the basement. While I do have a lovely space, I want lots of windows and a nice view. Ahh to dream!
Have a happy weekend!

Friday, September 5, 2008


There's a little something I do that I think will be nice to share here on the blog. Everyday I take pictures both inside and outside. Especially now that I finally have a pocket camera, I can take it everywhere! I won't post everyday, we all know I'm not an avid blogger but I will start to share my sets quite often. The first set includes my one scoop bowls/dipping bowls, paired with my latest obsession, tree's. The bowls are super handy and I needed to snap a stack for my site, the trees I am looking at to draw for some new designs. I haven't done tree's in a while but they are just about to make a refreshed debut on some platters.

Since the weekend is upon us, and we're expecting rain!! Yes, finally rain!! It's like a desert in SE-PA right now. Here are a few things I like to do on rainy days.
  • look out the window
  • read a book or dive into a pile of magazines
  • draw
  • watch movies
  • take a walk - when it's only misty or drizzly
  • and this weekend, clean out my closet!

If you're in the Philadelphia area, go to Art Star on saturday evening for the opening of the Camilla Engman exhibition. I'm hoping to pop down to pick up a print!
Happy Weekend
xoxo, Linda

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

vases - check!

The bottle vases are now available on my site.

shore then country

We're back from vacationing, first the shore then the country. A very nice time was had!
I'm heading into the studio today which has been dark for a week! I have samples to glaze and fire, new ideas to create and I promise to get the bottle vases on the site by this evening.
I hope you all had a lovely summer, I sure did! And now feel ready for the cooler weather and a lovely autumn of making!
xoxo, Linda