Monday, January 13, 2014

finding this space again

hers and mine
Dear Internet,
I didn't forget you, I've been eyeing up this space to share again. I'm sorry I left for so long, I was distracted by facebook and instagram and a wee one wanting to play. But here I am, warming up for some sharing! I've been making pots, so many pots. And navigating the craft world as a mama maker. Which has had it's challenges, in the most heart warming ways. What used to come easy is now more meaningful and somewhat of a labor, but of course it's a labor of love. I plan to use this space, as well as instagram to share how we make it work for us. Little by little my hope is to create a place to inspire and to share our joy! How wonderful it is to be able to do something I love with my little one each day.
Happy 2014!
Mama Maker