Thursday, May 31, 2007


At last! Here is the result of my secret new project! Limited Edition Bird Silhouette Wall Tiles. I'm only making 100 of each design and I just put the 2 pictured on my site. I have 9 designs in total that I am producing and all are being worked on right now.

I am getting ready for the Art Star Craft Bazaar which is this weekend so if you are in the Philadelphia area be sure to stop by and you can see my new work in person. I have lots of new designs and will be taking along the old favorites too. Also, I have a $5 off coupon on my site for you to print out and present at any of my summer shows. Kindof cheesey but, I wanted to do something since it is hard to put handmade items on "sale". So please take advantage of it : )

Monday, May 28, 2007

when i look up

When I look up from glazing this is what I see. I've been working on the patio and feeling so grateful for spring. The dogwoods were in ful bloom this week and now everything is so green and pretty. And my stawberry patch is just about ready for picking and I know this because all the birds and squirrels have been checking. We covered it with netting and I'm getting the cayenne pepper out today. Last year the chipmonks took a bite out of every single strawberry, the little buggers aren't here this year thanks to the new pup. So I'm doing what I can to get a few for myself. Aww, another reason to live in California! I've been wanting to move to CA lately. It would be too big of a change for us but a girl can dream right?! Since I've been slacking on my blogging I'll catch you up with 3-3's.

3 studio things
1. glazing like a madwoman
2. bowls, got them for everyone!
3. getting ready for a big reveal of new stuff and my new project!!! I have a few samples in the kiln right now, I can't wait to share.

3 music loves(this week)
1. Dinosaur jr. - can't seem to get enough this week
2. Decendents - revived this week while digging thru old cd's, oh how i love thee!
3. xpn's 88.5-2 HD radio - 6 hours of new wave on friday, it was "just like heaven"(Anyone get that?haha!!)

3 home things
1. gardening, wee bits here and there
2. dreaming of new curtains for all the rooms, I even bought some fabic.
3. $2 milk frother from ikea made morning coffee oh so yummy! and special.

Comments! I've been a bit confused on how to reply to comments on this blog, my old journal was super easy to do replies so, I decided that I will respond in the comments section - so be sure to check back it you leave one. Also, I soooo welcome comments to this blog and appreciate your taking the time to follow along.

Have a super sweet Memorial Day!!! I'm still glazing but will take a break to bbq and relax today. I hope you can all relax too.
xoxo, Linda

Thursday, May 17, 2007

me today

I spent some time with my camera this afternoon snapping pics of flowers and Marley and then took a few of me. This is me today. Tired and in thought, so much is going on and life is so very different from just a few months ago. I decided this photo shows where I am and in someways who I am. Today I didn't get my usual full day of studio time but I did get to spend a few hours with Steve, a shopping trip to ikea to help me with my organizing and to buy frames for my ever growing print collection. Whatever we do it is always nice when we can steel a few hours from our busy lives together.
So tomorrow I can start part 2 of my new project. It's a bit secret right now and the humidity is making it take longer but, its ceramics and things always take longer. If you've read my "about" page on my site you will know where I used to work, way, way back. That is my hint : ) I feel like this is going to be something really good for me and for you(my customers/support) so I want to wait until it is 100% ready. The other new work is more functional with new patterns - once the noreaster passes I'll share some pics of that. New dinner plate designs and bowls and tea cups. And I'm going bigger on the t-cups. And mugs will soon be special order. I wanted to do mugs for the summer shows but, handles are a problem with all the packing and un-packing that goes on so, look for real mugs with handles in July.
2 weeks until the very first of the summer shows, yikes! I am prepared to lock myself in the studio until then, we'll see what I can accomplish. I'm putting tons of pressure on myself and really just scaring myself that people won't like my work or they'll scoff at the prices. Last year went so well, amazingly well and this year I hope will be just as good. There will be more pottery this year, which is great for all of us clay people. But, some or most seem to slip cast and use decals which are quick processes and my work is hand thrown, hand carved and hand painted, much more labor intensive and more of the artists' hand. I hope people take time to see all the love and hard work I put into it. Really, once you hold one of my tea cups and feel how nice it is in your hand - you really would understand. I'm full in this year and shows help me gage where I am. Hundreds of people will see my work and hopefully stop to take a closer look. I guess we all go thru this, I'm just feeling it a bit more right now than usual.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Midnite, now that I've ruined my chances of getting up by 6am and making a go at a very long day in the studio, I thought I'd pop onto my dear blog and say hello.
It's show season and I'm working away like a good little potter to bring new wares to the people. The image is of my work but I stole it off someone's blog! Thank you to whomever assembled the pics. I will have a bit of the pictured items with me this summer but, I'm seriously going to have a ton of new and its looking like one-of-a-kind work. I'm trying some new ideas out and it is so very refreshing. I also comepletely dismantled my office on sunday and reassembled it. No more misc. piles of papers, just one left to shred and I'll get to that soon. So, right now I feel like I am in good shape or will be by June 2nd which will be the very first show of the summer! I will have the usual + something limited for the wall, something pretty for the table and a whole lotta love for you if you come by and say hello. And just because, I'm going to include a table lovely(teaspoon rest) with each tea cup I sell.
So it goes like this:
Art Star Craft Bazaar June 2& 3 in Philly
Art for the Cash Poor June 9 in Philly
Renegade Craft Fair June 16th & 17th in Brooklyn and I'll be sharing a tent with lovely Leya from Curious Bird.
I also have some new designs to add to my "line" which I hope to do by the end of this month. And after the summer show marathon, I will figure out a way to add a one-of-a-kind section to the site or re-visit etsy.
What else has been going on? Well, Steve and I celebrated our 5th anniversary, yay!! We spent it out and about with good things like an awesome flea market(i need to snap pics of my finds), breakfast at a diner, a super great strawberry cake - but too big so I had to freeze some! Dinner out and oh boy were we beat! Oh and lots of little stops along the way. I gave Steve 5 presents but I'll just tell you about one that he gave me. Our local radio station xpn, has been talking about xpn-2 on hd radio - its y-rock 24/7. I just heard about it and mentioned it to Steve, not as a hint but in a hey, what's hd-radio? way! So the sweetie that he is got it for me : ) They play everything I ever loved and stuff that I want to know about and don't, its college alternative radio at its finest. Seriously. And what's funny is that I remember lyrics to whole songs that I haven't heard in years! When I was 14 I loved New Order, and yep the lyrics are all still there and I never thought I was much of a Siousie fan but yep! got them too. And then they play the Pixies and all the other stuff I have on tape or vinyl and never replaced or downloaded. And now that I'm always in the studio this is just the best thing ever, I feel like I have my own personal dj.
Happy middle of the week!

Monday, May 7, 2007

It's a contest!

Who wants to win the items pictured?
I'm sponsering a contest on Rare Bird Finds!!! It's a first for me and I'm super excited to do this. The gals over at rare bird have been so supportive of my biz and I am happy to partner with them for this contest. You can go here to read about the contest and how to enter. And be sure to save their site because they post the most wonderful things.
Now get to it! The winner will be choosen May 20th!
(Note - you must enter the contest on the Rare Bird Finds Website! goodluck!)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

5 things!

This week has been crazy good and crazy busy. I'll be back with more on all the crazy busy goodness. For now, I'm all about the number 5! Tomorrow is our (mine and Steve's) 5th anniversary and I'm obsessed with doing 5 things, there's more to the whole 5 thing but I'll keep that to me ; ) so here are 5 things (tips) for you!

  1. try listening to the same music you listened to in high school for a whole week! i did - its been cassette city here, fun!
  2. make sure your dog is well rested before you walk her/him or it could turn into carrying the dog!
  3. organic carrots are better than the regular pesticided ones
  4. buy my once scoop birdy bowl if you need some cuteness to brighten up your strict diet! they're only $15 each.
  5. remember to plant some flowers, its spring you know!

I'll be back with an update on all the happenings here in the Little Flower Studio and to tell you how to win some of the goodness.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Running a bit late on my Friday post - I'll be back fresh tomorrow! It's been a big week : )