Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ouuuu doggies

That's what my grandpop used to say. He'd use it in many different ways, like when he won a game of cards "ouuuu doggies" or if something bad happened shaking his head"ouuu doggies". So today while looking at my to-do list and the still cooling kiln I said "ouuu doggies" I've got alot to do. I dug this hole, and then life made it bigger. So if I can only unload that still hot kiln, glaze everything and get it all re-loaded today, I can bring that work to Baltimore on friday. And if that can happen today, I can sew up another table cloth, a drape for my booth and work on table signage for the one of a kind work I'm obsessed over right now. I can also strategize the packing and making sure I am not only ready but rested enough to do this show! And then there's all the life stuff...
But let's stay upbeat! I have 3 days to get everything done, and really that last load of work won't make or break the show so if it's too hot to pack I can bring it to the next show or lure customers to my online shop for one of a kind loveliness. Anyhow's I'm just clicking in : )
xoxo, Linda

Sunday, April 19, 2009

1 of a kind in may

After thinking about this for over a year, I've decided to offer one of a kind items in addition to my staple patterns. This is my soft launch! Above are 2 of the new one of a kind vases that will be available the first week of May. I will also be debuting them at the Fine Furnishings Show in Baltimore May 2nd & 3rd. with a web update beginning on the 4th. (Let me know if you'd like a free ticket to the show - I can mail you one!)
I am still plotting out the official launch but here is a little of the why.
I love to draw and truly think of the clay surface much like I do paper, as a clean place to illustrate an idea. I also love washy colors and watercolor which can not be duplicated unless I go the decal route. Decals are not for me for 2 reason's, 1. I do not like how they look and 2. they are toxic to fire and I can't figure out just how toxic they are! So my solution is to continue on with the integrity of my handmade, labor intensive wares because that's me and I feel good about the way I am working and feel that this is a direction I can really grow with/into.
Look out for more birds, flowers and maybe houses, I'm quite the shanty doodler these days!

Friday, April 10, 2009

8 shows and pause

Dear Internet,
I am sorry I have been so quiet lately. Somehow the words just are not making it to the web. I tried to tell you the other day that I wanted to hit "pause" on this little blog because I am feeling a bit scattered and need time to pull myself together. I just need a week to myself to do things like taxes, finalize my new designs, clean the house and studio, and figure out if doing 8 shows in a row is a good idea or not. So, with this holiday weekend upon us and my kiln still not cool enough to ship today's orders(e-mails will be sent to those waiting) I think it is a good time to collect my thoughts and regroup. But with a big show coming up, I will have to regroup while glazing. Hopefully, I will be blogging away again next week with stories about the new designs and preparing for the Fine Furnishings Show which is now only 3 weeks away. And for which I have not finalized my booth design. Although I did draw out a floor plan to help with the layout of shelving and whatnot.
So, here we are with a 3 day weekend to spend with family and friends (3 days for some!) For those that celebrate Easter, Happy Easter to you!!! For those that don't, have a beautiful weekend.
xoxo, Linda

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

don't be a fool - you know you want one!

The long awaited mug has made it's way onto my site. People ask if I make them, they question my preference for the handleless tea cup, they demand a larger size with a handle to fit their hand! So here you are! I have added mugs in 3 patterns to the site. The pictured cups are my newest pattern which I see as a his and hers - well for me and my mister it would be! I prefer my 12oz handleless cup, if it gets any bigger I can't drink it all before it cools off. My mister on the other hand prefers a handle he can really hold and a larger size.
You can view all of the cups here - tea cups & mugs.

I think this is part 3 of my spring site update - and there is still more to come! I am working out a pattern for buttercups and I have new vase forms that will be ready in time for Mother's Day and summer shows. So I'd better get to work!

But first, Thank you again to Handmade In PA for yesterday's feature and for the positive response.