Friday, March 30, 2007

secretive and 3's

I've been working on new designs and feel like I can't reveal them until they are ready but would still like to share a bit while I am in the middle of this process. So here are 3 three's from me!

3 potter's I admire
Diana Fayt
Karin Eriksson
Ayumi Horie

3 food I like to eat
homemade fruit smoothies
veggie lasagne

3 bands/ musicians I like and have been listening to alot this week
The Shins
The White Stripes
Lily Allen

The new designs are coming along, I've been busy making/ filling orders so things are taking a bit longer then I originally wanted. Also, working all the time has me a bit run down so I'm working on a schedule : ) I need to be a better boss to myself and maybe find an assistant. Marley our 6 month old beagle doesn't seem ready to step up to the task so if you are in the Philly area and would like to learn a bit about running a small ceramic biz and help with some glazing and packing orders and like the same music, you might just be my gal!!

Happy Friday to all!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Philadelphia Home & Garden

Thank you so very much to Philadelphia Home & Garden Magazine for featuring me in their latest issue!!! I am honored to be featured in such a respectable publication. And thank you to Margie Moon Dombrowski for writing a very nice article and Ed Cunicelli for taking such great pictures! They choose the serious artist picture but, Ed has bunches of the silly ones which were so fun to take!

Here is a link to a PDF of the article!

Happy Friday!!!
xoxo, Linda

Thursday, March 15, 2007

shadow craft and ivillage!

How did it get to be Thursday nite already? and 10:30pm and I haven't had dinner yet?
Crazy! The pictures above are from the show I did on Sunday at the ICA in Philly. The show was terrific and I had a great time, it was great to see my crafty pals and hang out with Steve all day : ) I've been on overdrive in the studio and somehow managed to fill my table. Most of the teacups came out of the kiln that morning and I even sneaked in a new item that hasn't made it onto my site yet - saucers!!! I am loving the saucers and will be making a ton of them for the summer shows. This also makes it official that I can now offer place settings. I am still busy in the studio and can see a crazy time approaching with the summer shows just around the corner. June is going to be my biggest craft show month ever.
I've been blessed this week with some terrific press. Today iVillage featured my work on thier Stuff We Love video by Siobhan Adcock. Siobhan is just the sweetest - be sure to listen! I also found out that my air date for "That's Clever" is April 20th - more on that later! I have one more biggie to share but will save that for its own post tomorrow : )
Happy Thursday Nite!

Monday, March 5, 2007


It was a very productive weekend, lots of plates and teapots were made. I will be carving all day today and hopefully glazing tonite. Not much to write about as it is work, work, work right now. Most of the work is for orders and then a bit to bring to the show on sunday. I am not sure if the dinner plates will be coming with me, it depends on how many are ready, most will be shipped out this week. But, I will have something new, saucers! Yes! a new item, there are bunches of them on the shelves drying right now. They are simple saucers to compliment the tea cups and are a good size for a small snack or a bread plate. And they make my collection officially a full set, dinner plate, saucer/sm plate, bowl, tea cup. Next will be serving wares, big bowls and maybe sugar bowls and creamers. Does anyone need a sugar bowl and creamer? Oh, and platters will be coming. Ceramics is a slow process and it will be quite sometime before you see some of this on my site.

My inspiration today is the pretty blue sky and my almost trained puppy! She needs a bit more refing but has come a long way from the hyper crazy girl that she was a few weeks ago. She is basically housetrained (hooray for Miss Marley) we just need to keep an eye out for her signals. And she's stopped stealing our slippers! and has been getting into less and less of our things. She is a happy girl to have her own toys and loves to pull them all out of her toy box and play! She also loves to play stick outside, but, its really her own game and we can just watch and cheer her on. We've taken up going for long walks which helps tire her out and is good for me, I'm pleased with my new walking partner and she's pretty good at keeping up and not to sniffy.

Dry hands, its been a hard winter in the studio, I've been throwing almost everyday and my hands look terrible. I finally found a terrific hand cream and wanted to share it with anyone that also has dry hands and for the potters reading. Try this! it is saving my poor hands and it smells nice too! Kind of like a massage or a yoga studio. Its seriously the best hand cream and I've tried soooo many.

Friday, March 2, 2007


For the past few weeks I've been teaching a couple of classes at my local art center. Teaching is so much fun and rewarding when you are able to help someone do something new. It is also great for me to get out of the house/studio. Every studio I've ever worked in has a glaze or 2 that catches my eye. The picture is of my latest love! I am going to hunt down the recipe because this beautiful blue really seems to compliment my work. I have been tinkering with different colored glazes and hope to start to introduce them here and on my site in late spring and early summer. My new designs are coming along slowly. I've been spending the bulk of my time working on orders and getting aquainted with my new clay. One of the orders I shipped off recently was to O'Suzannah, a super great boutique in Charlottesville, VA. I will be sure to post more as I send things out.

If you are in the Philadelphia area on the 11th. I will be participating in a small craft sale at the ICA. It is part of a project called Locally Localized Gravity go here to read more about it. It will be my first show of the year and should be fun. I haven't been to the ICA in ages - how about you? I think it will be a great day to go into the city and see the ICA and pick up some indie goods - how often are craft sales held in museums!?

I'm off to the studio, yep working on Friday eve until Steve gets home, then maybe working some more.
Happy Friday!