Tuesday, June 16, 2009

in and out then back in the studio

I've been hauling my pots around for the past month or so and finally, I'm done. At least for an entire month. I think I need the time to organize my studio, and figure out the rest of the year. This recession is quite tricky to navigate, especially when I'm still a bit new at the selling end of my biz. So, I've been trying out shows and deciding what works, I've also been trying out web ads to help market my site and I've been making small steps on etsy. Everything seems to be working a little at a time. This week is going to be quiet, I'm finishing up a pile of orders. Starting on new orders from the past week and my web ads won't start again until next week. I know, how is that quiet? I guess because I'm not going to focus on selling this week. I just need to be in the studio to get things done, take stock, and make a nice to-do list. I've been reading around on the internets about business and the blogs I came upon that were the most interesting were fellow potter's talking about making a living in clay. It's not easy, but we all love it. I think you get used to the lack of ease. That's not to say that making life easier shouldn't be a goal. For me it is. I don't want to work endless hours for the rest of my life just to make a decent living. I want to make beautiful things for people to love and hopefully are kept then passed on to future generations. I think that is a nice service to provide to the public. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say "they just don't make things like they used to" well, maybe you're not looking in the right places. For me, I do understand when people need to buy dishes at ikea, it fits their budget, ok maybe you're not my customer yet. But when those dishes start chipping, then breaking or you just get tired of them - you have no connection so you just replace them. But with handmade items that sure you paid an appropriate price for, you put some thought into that purchase. These dishes are prized possessions, they are made well and fit your style. When you hold them, you feel the handmade quality, the love, oh yes, the love that went into making them. Each one is a little unique and as you use them you find your favorites, as does your family. When your kids grow up, they want the special dishes they grew up with for themselves and now you've planted the seed of buying handmade thoughtful items in your children. Maybe you buy them one at a time, build a set like you would an art collection. All of this while supporting a person, not a huge corporation that might be under paying their workers, not supporting mass produced disposable dishes. But an artist, part of your culture, buying handmade means so many things. So don't scoff at the price. Consider what you are looking at, and what truly went into making it, then buy it quickly because that $27 wheel thrown, hand etched, intricately glazed cup is more of a bargain then you could ever imagine.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A show weekend!

Guess what? yep! Another awesome show this weekend! Come on out to the Crane Arts Building for InLiquid's super fantastic event, Art For The Cash Poor. Go here for information.

In the studio I am getting ready for the show, my last Philly show for the summer, and my last for about a month! Hope you can all make it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

etsy front page today!

This little guy made it to the front page of etsy today! I missed it but it's always exciting and very much appreciated when my etsy shop gets a little attention. Thank you etsy!! And I finally got to 100 sales! Now on to 200, a girl can hope right?
In show news, I did a local show over the weekend called Arts In The Park. I had such a nice time and felt so supported by the community. Thank you all for shopping and for all the nice comments, I appreciate it more than I can put into words. Next up is Art For The Cash Poor, saturday and sunday from 1-6. I love this show, all of the art/craft is priced under $199 - and it is all such great work, there is a fun party atmosphere with live music, beer, and great food. This is truly a philly local event and I am very happy to be a part of it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today I'm rewinding a bit to report back about last week's shop live event and the Art Star Craft Bazaar. First off, the Shop Live event was so much fun. The all day sale seemed to be the way to go, as many orders were received through out the day. The actual event was quite popular, it was chat room style in the etsy virtual labs. I had trouble getting in but managed to see the last 5 minutes of Marichelle chatting up some of the goods for sale. Next time I'll click in earlier (I was throwing in the studio and stopped just in time, I thought!) Anyhow, the event was a super success for my sleepy etsy shop, over a hundred hearts and enough sales to make me smile all day long! Now onto the Art Star Craft Bazaar! The show was awesome as usual but something a little extra special happened, we had beautiful weather!!! My mister and Miss Marley both came along to help and keep me company. I had such a nice time seeing old friends and crafty pals. It means so much that you all came out to say hello and encourage me this crafty endeavor. The picture above is a table shot from Indie Fixx, Jen stopped by to say hello and included me in her review of the show! Thanks Jen!! I stole the picture because I haven't downloaded mine yet ; )
So now I'm in the studio working like a good little potter. I had 1500 pounds of clay delivered yesterday, my version of nesting in the studio! That is also the most clay I've had brought in at once. See! Signs of growth - it's amazing how much clay I go through. And thanks to the sweet delivery man who helped me bring it all the way into my basement wonderland!
Next up is a lovely local show on sunday.
Arts In The Park
and of course everyone is invited!
xoxo, Linda

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

don't cry, make jewelry

Remember a few post's ago when I said I broke 2 platters at a show? Well, not wanting to dwell over the broken pieces, I quickly plopped them into a bag and headed over to the Broken Plate booth. Juliet, the master of smashing gladly took my shards and created some loveliness that is now for sale in her etsy shop. She is generously donating $5 per pendant to my charity, the ASPCA. What a great way to keep my hard work out of the landfill, support an awesome charity that does lovely things for our 4 legged friends and support Ms. Juliet in her smashing endeavors! Fun! Thanks Juliet for turning straw into gold!