Wednesday, December 24, 2008

it's finally here!

The orders have shipped,
the presents are nearly all wrapped,
holiday goodies are baking,
christmas tunes are playing,
we are finally in the holiday,
I wish you a wonderful holiday season!
xoxo, Linda

Friday, December 19, 2008

getting with the etsy beat!

I just put six more tea cups and 2 vases in my etsy shop. Fresh out of the kiln!! I'm pushing this to the end, so please feel free to order to your hearts content, I promise to ship all orders received by 9am saturday morning - on saturday (20th) then all other orders received by 11am on the 22nd on the 22nd. This is for my Ready-To-Ship-Etsy-Shop only.

Thank you!!!
Have a great weekend!
Do something with someone you love and hug your pets!
'tis the season!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

last minute items!

Some of the last minute items in my estsy shop!
Available to ship right away.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

craftacular, studio, shipping, home

Thank you to everyone who came out the the Craftacular on sunday. We had such a terrific day. From start to finish we were very happy. First, we made it to the city in record time, pulled up, unloaded then my Mr. worked some parking magic and found all day free parking!!! I didn't believe him so I sent him out to check to make sure we didn't get towed, nope! Free parking in NYC! We set up easily, I think I finally have it down. Sold, sold, sold nearly all my pots. Bought and swapped some lovely things. Headed home to a very good beagle lady who we showered with love and toys! Ahh, the Craftacular! And I think we have a little tradition going, for the past 3 years we got out christmas tree the day after the craftacular, nice!

In the studio I'm still working away, the last day I can ship is Friday. If you would like to see what I have left please visit my etsy shop. I'm shipping everything USPS Priority Mail within 24 hours. Etsy is a bit slow right now but I should have everything up by wednesday morning. I have about 3 vases and 3 bowls left that need listings. If you have a pending order (non-registry) it is in the kiln right now and will ship on friday. Except the few people I already contacted - I had my first studio mishap and cracked some tea cups, ugh! I'm trying to keep a good outlook, given the amount of work I've made I feel pretty lucky it's just a few cups.

To sum up, the craftacular was awesome, you can shop my etsy shop for ready to ship items. And I'm just going to keep working until Santa comes.
xoxo, Linda

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Holidays are soooo here!

I thought I'd put you in the holiday mood!
Here is my last minute holiday schedule!
  • Today is the LAST day to order holiday gifts from my site to arrive in time for Christmas.
  • Sunday the 14th, Bust Holiday Craftacular 10am - 7:30pm NYC
  • Monday the 15th- Thursday the 18th shop my ETSY shop for ready to ship items. I will be adding everything I have left after the Craftacular to my ETSY shop and shipping Priority to ensure on-time holiday delivery.
    The bird on a wire pattern has been quite loved lately!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

the big news!

I've been accepted into the AltCraft section of the 2009 Ameican Craft Council show in Baltimore. Here is a bit about it:
Fifteen makers will be juried into this bustling section, which celebrates
the innovative techniques and materials of the burgeoning handmade movement.
This is an opportunity for talented artists and indie designers to gain
national exposure at a well-established show.
I was going to wait until they sent out the press release but just can't! I am so excited, I applied last year and didn't get in. But this year I feel so ready, my line is better defined and I have a solid focus on my 2009 goals. What a terrific way to start off the new year! I feel like I won an award! I will post more on this as we get close, now it's back to the holiday making frenzy!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a nice cause

Happy December 3rd!
Are you scrambling about wondering what to give who for Christmas?? I have a nice idea, why not help me support Nest? Nest is a non-profit that I have worked with off and on since they formed. They have a unique way of supporting artist's in the US and abroad by buying our goods and selling them, then using the profits to grant micro loans to artist's in need of funds to continue their work. It's a very nice circle of funding that benefits all involved. While I'd love for you to buy my ornaments, please click around the site and see what else you may need.
ps - my big news is still coming!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

so much

There is so much going on I can't just list it all here. I will just tell you a few things for now, I hope you don't mind.

If you ever wanted to see inside my studio, please visit the Handmade Spaces feature on Modish, Jena did such a nice job featuring my studio, and her intro is just the nicest ever. Modish is one of my favorite blogs, and one of the first to feature my work when I first found my way onto the internet. It's so nice to grow with the handmade community as we all work to establish ourselves. And blogs like Modish help to keep us connected. Thanks, Jena!

The Bust Holiday Craftacular, oh yes! I will be heading up to NYC on December 14th to join an amazing group of makers, the word on the street is that this is a hard show to get into so I am ever so grateful to be doing this show for the 3rd time! I LOVE Bust.

The sweet bird ornament (shown above) is only available 3 ways.
  1. from me at craft shows ($15)
  2. for sale at Art Star
  3. free when you spend $50 or more in my web shop

Also, he comes in a few colors!
'tis all for now, I have some BIG news to share but it deserves it's own post on it's very own day!Now shop!