Wednesday, April 27, 2011

back in the old studio

Time has not been on our side lately. I had planned to blog about setting up my new studio but here we are 2 months later and my new studio is still a garage filled with construction materials and laundry machines. My temporary work area in our new basement only got me so far in prepping for the Art Star Craft Bazaar. Oh! Yes!!! I am doing a show, and a great one! Please come out to say hello May 14 & 15! I managed to make an entire kiln load of work and moved back to my old studio where my lonely kilns still sit. It's a bit strange to sneak away to a nearly empty studio but I'm doing the best I can. The above work is about to be overglazed and fired. I will have a very small collection of wares to test and sell at the ASCB, but I am very happy with the work I will have. And with 3 weeks left to prepare, I'm doing very well! I am half packed and organized. And dare I mention that I might have textiles! I have a little side project going that is shaping up quite nicely. I will share some pictures soon, I have a bit of finishing work to do!

And about that new studio, well, it is coming along, we are ready to paint and as soon as a few things are moved out we're going to spray the entire space white! Then attempt to do something with the wonky floor. My dream of french patio doors is on hold for now, but will happen this year. It's funny how my plan for a simple space has turned into such a big project. And we didn't even get into the electrical issues. I have been posting updates a few times a week on my facebook page, like me if you would like to follow along. I also chat in the comments : )
Happy Spring!