Thursday, August 11, 2011

nature and gifts

Summer has been so nice, we are in our new house, still renovating (endlessly) but enjoying living more in nature. I'm not sure how I'll pull two thoughts together to share but I want to try. I recently ran into one of my old sculpture professors from Tyler, we both often walk the same trails in a nearby park. I spoke with her briefly and was amazed at how she always has something so valuable to say, and how the information always feels like a gift. She suggested I read a book called "the Last child in the woods" a wonderful suggestion since I had my wee lady on my back and I was walking our beagle. I kept thinking about the book and how a simple hello turned into me really needing that book! I just started reading it but it is just perfect for me right now, how amazing is that? It talks about the value of nature in child development. And having just moved to a home that is immersed in nature (large windows, big yard, deer, fox, trees, birds, etc) so that our daughter could grow up in a nice place surrounded by these things, it felt good to have someone I admire make such a nice suggestion. I've also been watching my daughter discover her surrounding. She looks at everything very carefully, every detail, and she likes to share these "new" things with me, also an incredible gift. This has me thinking about how to continue on with my art. I think it's become more of a job for me lately, which luckily it is a job I love but how wonderful would it be if I could turn it into something that felt like a gift, a well thought out gift inspired by nature, now that would be amazing!