Friday, April 27, 2007


Spring is here in a spotty sort of way and now that I'm spending so much time on the patio, my outside studio, we put up a prettier fence! Well, Steve did it to keep Marley in the yard and because we don't like watching the neighbor boys on their trampoline! The yard will be nicer as things start to grow, right now it is cleaned up and waiting for some sun to dry up all this rain. April showers...

This week I resigned from teaching at the local art center, it was too much right now and getting in the way of growing little flower. I'll miss the students who were just the most amazing people but feel more relaxed about how to go about my weeks. I wanted to give teaching a try this year to see if I like it and I do! But, now can check it off my list. When I left my old job back in November I decided that now is a time to try all the things that I always wanted to do but couldn't. So now, with all the new designs I'm creating I can really focus on growing my biz and my line. The summer shows are coming up so quickly and I want to have a strong showing. So far I know I will be doing the Art Star Craft Bazaar and Renegade Brooklyn. I might add 2 more shows and all are in June! June will be a month of craziness with all the set-up and packing up of my portable store.

Now for my 3 - 3's!!

3 booth's I must visit at Renegade
  1. Lotta Jansdotter
  2. SuperMaggie
  3. Jen Corace

3 things I must do today even if means not sleeping tonite!

  1. finish glazing
  2. fire the kiln
  3. make molds for my new side project, I can't wait to share this and I'm still a good 2 weeks away from my reveal

3 subjects on my mind

  1. color - what do i really like and what is influencing my choices
  2. bringing new subjects to little flower because life is more than flowers and birds
  3. is tv really "evil"

That's all for my weekly post : ) I'm pondering a sale of some sort for Mother's Day so stay tuned! Happy Friday, sing to your dog! It makes them happy.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

thank you's & venuszine!!!

Thank you to everyone who watched me on That's Clever Friday afternoon and sent the nice e-mails : ) It's been such a great month for press of all kinds and I have one more to share that just came out.

VenusZine has posted an interview with me by amazing writer/interviewer Sheba White. I hope you'll read it because I am so happy with this piece. We chatted on the phone about a month ago and this article is the result. Sheba was so nice and had such good questions that kept the interview flowing, we talked about me and Little Flower Designs and a bit about the DIY craft scene and how different it is from the traditional craft scene (which isn't really a scene its more or less just craft shows with no music or other scene making stuff to be a scene) Anyhow, its very well writen, here's the link:

Happy Beautiful Sunday : )

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tune in at 1pm!!!

It's That's Clever day! If you happen to be home today at 1pm - please watch HGTV (Home & Garden TV) to see me on a crafty show called That's Clever. And if you've wondered onto this blog because you saw the show - please post a comment to say hello! Just for fun : ) and Welcome to the world of Little Flower Designs!

I use this blog to share a glimpse of me and my work with the world and my family that is a bit far away.

The picture is my studio with the full crew squeezed in shooting the episode. It was filmed back in May - nearly a year ago and alot has changed since then. The studio is spiffed up a bit, I've gone from being a potter with a f/t and very serious day job to being a f/t potter and ceramic designer - a dream come true. It is also a New Year's resolution I set for 2000! It took me about 6 years to make the jump and so far it is the best thing I have ever done.

In the show you saw me make my most popular item, my Just Friends tea cup! I have been working away in the studio to make a big, well, gigantic batch of them, just in case the viewing audience would like one and for the summer shows that are right around the corner. Nearly this whole week has been about that tea cup!

On Friday's I post to this blog and I started something I call 3- 3's, here they are for this week.

3 in the studio
  1. I came up with an awesome new design for the guys! To be released after May 6th.
  2. Stepping up! I had the most clay I ever bought at one time delivered for the first time!
  3. I have a new process for a new look - lots of new, its spring!

3 in my life

  1. yoga every morning (Thanks Sue!)
  2. less coffee
  3. Miss Marley (my new beagle) has learned to sit down before she crosses the street!

3 for our world

  1. sending out good energy for the VT families and friends
  2. hoping we pull it together to fix the environment
  3. wishing for inner peace for all, my solution to finding world peace

Happy beautiful friday, its finally a nice spring day here in SE PA!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

one scoop or two

My weekly post was delayed due to tax time. And oh boy! am I organized now. I have a spreadsheet or log chart for everything and you know, it feels good! It actually goes along with a theme we're trying to keep up at our house and that's trying to be neat and clean, we even bought a new vacuum!! And ladies, if your doing most of the cleaning, have your guy pick out and purchase the new vacuum (if needed) and watch them go! Steve's been cleaning everything and even bought extra attachments! Ok, so this isn't the most interesting post, I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to do anything too interesting, hopefully soon... I did however have a chance to meet Eleanor Grosch, she is an amazing designer and even more so an amazing lady! She is most known for having her designs on the new keds, which I'm really liking and hope to buy a pair very soon. She also has her designs on some very cute pillows at Urban Outfitters. She spoke at a local business meeting and very generously shared how she started her design career with great details about her process and where she wants to go next. What an inspiration. One thing she mentioned was needing to be more scheduled when it comes to the day-to-day. I totally need to be too and started off this week with some structure which brings me to my three 3's.

3 things I improved in my life this week (kindof heavy!)
  1. start each day with yoga (this is huge because I like to practice in the evening!) a tip from a good friend ; )
  2. get up earlier and at a regular time
  3. keep track of expenses as they happen (no more piles of receipts!)
3 things to help you train your puppy
  1. take them for walks- I believe this makes them respect you
  2. follow each "no" with an insane amount of praise once they stop doing the bad thing
  3. carry them around like a baby- this might just be a Marley quirk! but it calms her down

3 things I'm doing in the studio

  1. carving new designs
  2. picking colors
  3. tile (back to where it all began!)

And a shameless plug! Set your tivo/dvr/vcr for Friday April 20th at 1pm (check your local tv guide to be sure) for That's Clever on HGTV and you can see me flip my hair about and make this and this. And if you'd like to see a bit of it now, take a look! I have no idea why the pics looks so weird - especially the one of me! Happy week!

ps- the picture is of the most ordered item this week!

Friday, April 6, 2007

more 3's and my weekly update

I am trying to commit to a weekly update of this blog and its shaping up to be a friday thing. I want to post more but at the very least friday will be update day! It's been a busy week, as they all are lately. The kiln is cooling this morning so I am mulling about on the computer and trying to figure out the holiday weekend which I was planning to work thru. Well, we will have dinner with Steve's family on Sunday but, that leaves the rest of it for work. This week was consumed by orders which I am so thankful for and some cleaning and organizing. So where is the fun? Well, I do have a puppy, and that is lots of fun : ) I am hoping we head out to a movie or for a drink or something this weekend since I really have been home and in the studio all week.

The press has been very nice to me lately, I will be sure to share as things come out. I was given a little assignment that inspired this post of 3's. I had fun with the previous 3's so this might be a weekly too!

3 most played artisit's of the week
PJ Harvey
Erin McKeown

Morrissey/ The Smiths (I went old school when I saw he is coming to Philly)

3 things I want to wear
Prairie Underground Long Hoodie (as pictured in Venus Zine this month! not in black)
Supayana (a top, but which one? I can't stop looking!)
SuperMaggie Passion Flower T

3 rugs for the house
Angela Adams Nasturtium / Dusk
Company C Raspberry Sorbet
Company C Suzani Turquoise

I am working on some product photos and some styled photos for press and for my site - this is the new Table Lovely pic - it looks better/sharper off the blog! Well, that's it for this friday, I'm off to play with Miss Marley and unload the kiln.

Happiness to all!