Monday, June 23, 2008

ahh, pile of craft

The Pile of Craft show was so much fun, the Charm City Craft Mafia put on another great event!! Here is one of the rooms - I had nice breezy corner spot. The event took place in an old church that seems to hold lots of events for various groups in Baltimore. It is a nice open space, just perfect for a craft show!
My table display, I was trying something new with the one long shelf, I think it worked out pretty well, and was easy to transport!
This is my new bird and now my favorite bowl design with the dogwood's going around the outside. I only made 2 and both sold before I could get a proper picture. No worries, I'll make more this week, and I have an idea for another form with a similar pattern.
Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and of course to those that shopped my table, your purchases both big and small allow me to continue on with my little biz and your kind words and excitement motivate me in a way I can not describe. Thank You!
My next show is also in Baltimore, I will be in the DIY section of the Artscape Festival. Quite a few of the crafters from saturday's show will be in our very special section, including much of the Charm City Craft Mafia!! The Artscape show is a 3 day event with music and more to-do's then any art loving person could ever imagine in one place! I'll be posting information on Artscape as we get closer, I have just under a month to get ready, so you can guess where I'll be for the next few weeks? Yep, in the studio!
Have a lovely monday!
xoxo, linda

Friday, June 20, 2008

immersed in craft

First, a very important invitation! Come on out for Pile of Craft - it's a very fun crafty event put on by one of the best craft mafia's around! The Charm City Craft Mafia, of course!

I've been immersed in art and craft this month, the light blog posting is due to my crazy studio schedule - which I love and live for!! I am trying to make some time to enjoy other things like the great outdoors, movies, music and people. Although, there is something very lovely about being in the studio and doing all these shows that makes me feel validated as an artist and business lady. Ahh! and WooHoo!
In keeping with this post's title, I wanted to share my loot from the Art for the Cash Poor show.

Adding to my OPP (other potter's pots) collection, a pretty little flower frog by Michelle Miller and a scalloped bowl by Naomi Cleary.

A wonderful print in metallic ink by Stephanie Harvey. Titled "i don't get enough sleep"

And 2 prints by brainstorm

I have my eye on a few crafters at this weekends show and if I do a bit of shopping I'll be sure to share - remember to come on out, it's worth the drive and taking the train is seriously easy and fun! Hope to see you this weekend, be sure to say hello!
xoxo, Linda

Monday, June 16, 2008

show high

good monday internet!
I am reporting in about the Art for the Cash Poor show over the weekend. First, I love shows like this and if you are a show organizer, my vendor feedback is to do more shows like this one!! First, Inliquid hosted and promoted the show very well, they recruited an amazing selection of artists and crafters, provided us all with a nice place to have a show, included a table to display our wares and put on a fun to be at event (music, food and drinks!) Hugs to Inliquid!! Thank you to everyone that came out for show and to those that took home some little flower goodies. My usually heavy bins were quite light going home and for that I am so very grateful.
Next up is the Pile of Craft show in Baltimore - this saturday, so I have to get my butt and the rest of me in the studio to glaze like crazy today so I have platters, cups and bowls for all of you!
Have a lovely week, I'll try to pop in later to share the loot I took home from the weekend show, I made out like a bandit!!
xoxo, Linda
(ps - sorry for the blurry picture, all my table pics were slightly blurred from nervous show energy!)

Friday, June 13, 2008

weekend to do's

  1. sleep in
  2. drink coffee
  3. walk miss marley
  4. pack the jeep
  5. head to Northern Liberties for
hope to see you there! I'm in the Icebox!

Friday, June 6, 2008

studio days

Happy friday internet! It's show season and my focus is making, then making and maybe a little more making! Here are some shots from the last 2 weeks, it was mainly finishing work.

Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to do a bit of gardening, flea marketing, craftshow shopping, studio making and of course, lots of dog walking and playing in between.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

art star craft bazaar table shots

Thankfully most of this is sold, but don't worry, I'm quite the worker bee!
Save the date! The next show is June 14 &15 in Northern Liberties. More soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

thank you's

I spent the weekend at Penn's Landing doing the Art Star Craft Bazaar. I am always so amazed at what Erin and Megan(Art Star owners and 2 of the nicest ladies ever!) do for the indie art/craft makers. They not only found an amazing space on the river for us to set up but had the perfect mix of bands to compliment the event. And this year it was HUGE! I didn't even get to see the entire show but what I did get to see was a well curated show, innovative and fun offerings that everyone really seemed to be hapy to see. I spoke to many people who were first time attendee's to this event, and they all came out because they wanted to see the "new" craft! It is always refreshing to hear how much people in general want to see fresh crafts. The old craft scene has gone stale - not because of the crafts but because it is the very same crafts in the same spot year after year ( for the past 20 + years!) So with all us um, young - youngish crafters establishing ourselves and our businesses it is the best thing to hear that there is support from the shoppers of the more traditinal craft shows. And what touched my heart the most was a cute older couple that drove 3 hours in the stormy weather to come see what it was all about. They read it about it in the newspaper then looked at the website and a few of the artist's sites and just had to come see in person. There was also my brother in law who is the type that you would have to force to spend a beautiful sunday at a craft show, guys! But, he got really into it and even bought himself a print! Things like this help me love what I do, I am proud to be a part of the indie craft scene. There is an excitement in the air at these shows that seems to take over everyone. So, thank you to each and every person that came out to see and shop. And a special thank you to the lovely ladies of Art Star for organizing a wonderful show, the volunteers who put their hearts into the event and personally to eveyone that shopped in my booth and offered a kind word.
xoxo, Linda