Thursday, October 29, 2009


  • the kiln is on
  • orders are being packed
  • taking a break to share
  • and read my getting ready for baby blog
  • lots of things happening
  • feeling a whole lot better (but told to not push it)
  • things are looking brighter

xo, Linda

Monday, October 26, 2009

my etsy soft launch

Hello! I'm feeling a little better today and decided to take stock of my Little Flower world. Today is the day I am shifting my online sales to etsy only. This is a little scarey for me because my website is my baby, I built it, run it and sell the bulk of my wares through it. But because I do not have inventory control, and I can no longer take on made to order work, or risk my site going wild with sales (it happens!) I am migrating to etsy! The shop is lightly stocked with my wares but look out! I have many wonderful items to add in the coming weeks and throughout the holiday season. Feel free to take a look, shop, or save me to your favorites ( I love hearts - that's etsy talk!) And be sure you are signed up for my e-mail list as I plan to run a special or 2 for the holiday's. xo, Linda
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

An Exhibition!

Oct. 25, 2009 – Jan. 17, 2010
John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Sheboygan, WI
This year I was invited to submit work to a lovely show all the way in Wisconsin!
From today until January 17th, 2010 you can shop for my wares as well as the wares of some fabulous makers at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

Friday, October 23, 2009

sickly lady and catching up

I'm one sickly lady, but I think, and hope it will be over soon. A virus got me good. I'm hoping that next week I will be working again. Maybe I can rope my mr. into packing orders this weekend? We'll see. I would have hired someone to pack, ship and run errands but being contagious ruined that idea. So I'll work to get the orders out and that last load of overdue wares fired and out the door before the calendar sais November. If I missed anyone that is waiting on their wares when I e-mailed, please forgive me, I truly am sick and it was a daunting task.
With all this in mind, the holiday season should be interesting. I'll be streamlining my line and offering only ready to ship items. So if there is something on my site that you've been eyeing up for the holidays, please order it now. I will be sending out a note to my e-mail list to let everyone know. And with that a cut off date. I already stopped accepting orders from stores. And made to order for the holidays will soon come to an end. Also, please don't hate me, I will not be accepting custom orders. But on the upside, I do have a few new items to debut and a new medium!
Please stay well! It's going to be one tough winter with all the flu's, viruses and other germy problems. xo, Linda

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

so close, so sick, running my own business

I'm not sure how it got me but I'm sick. It just took me 3 hours to pack 14 pots to go to one location. Sweating, sickly, it had to go out today, well actually a few days ago but I've been so sick. Running my own business is something I LOVE to do. I love having orders to fill, there's nothing more rewarding than shipping the pots off to their new home. I know my customers are not only supporting me, they love my work and that is the greatest feeling. So when things leave late - it kills me. There is no way to put being under the weather into a production schedule. And because I work alone, it's a total shut down. No making, no firing, no packing, no shipping. I should really have a backup plan but how do I even go about forming one when everything is about what I am personally making? There is no way to plan for life events so while I would love to just curl up and take a nap, it's hard when so much needs to be done. My original plan was to work up until the baby comes but now having a horrible virus, I'm humbled. I'm also worn out. I know this is just a part of running my biz and that it won't always be positive. It's just so hard to be behind, then get sick and feel like I'll never get through this when I am so very close. The good news is that I do feel like I am on the upside of this virus, I'm past the I think I might die phase and now feel like maybe another day or 2 of rest and I can slowly get back to work. Apparently that thinking didn't work out too well today but one day soon it will. Please be patient with me, nearly all orders are ready to ship and if things work out, they will be on their merry way by the end of this week, but for now, it's nap time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

one holiday, one show!

This just in! I was just accepted to be a part of the Holiday Heap show!! This is my favorite show and I would have been so sad if I didn't get in. It is also the only show I applied to this year both because I will be huge and because I just can't imagine not doing this show. It is my favorite show to shop and the friendly Charm City Craft Mafia are pro's at putting on a great event. So watch out Baltimore, I've got quite a bit up my sleeve for you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have a few minutes or maybe even an hour before my mr. gets home to help me load the kiln. Today is the closest to in-sync we've been since I designated him to be the kiln shelf loader and unloader. I have managed to get the pots in with the help of my trusty step stool but I admit it's killing me to have stopping points. Usually I just work and work and work, and then keep working. The kiln is turned on as soon as it is full and if that happens to be 3am so be it! But now, I'm waiting and have to work in more of a predictable schedule for the loveliness above to be loaded by someone else. I know it's temporary but the holiday's are coming and being the responsible business owner that I am know some changes will need to be made. Also, did you know being pregnant makes you tired? Crazy right!? Yay, he's home, I'm off to load and turn on the kiln!!!! just 4 more firings to go!