Monday, June 27, 2011


I am preparing to open my etsy shop and the online sale portion of my website. The task is ever growing, and with small bits of time to pull it all together I keep changing the opening date. And now it is such an undertaking that I am gearing up for a GRAND re-opening! The studio is in pretty good shape, I can now work and I am finding more and more time to be in the studio. Today I wanted to pop in to tell you I am here, I am working and will be open in the coming week or so. Right before a holiday weekend just doesn't seem like good timing ; ) Thank you all for your patience and for following along. It truly means everything to me.

Monday, June 20, 2011

day one

Monday, and my first day back to work in the studio. As you can see I have some unpacking to do. The kilns are still stacked on my work tables mainly because one of the kilns needs a new stand and because we ran out of time. But my summer sitter is here! Day one for her and day one for me in my new studio. I will be working part time this summer, 20-30 hours a week (spread out with the sitter, naps and evenings). I am quite excited to finally be a working mama! No more long extended breaks, no more wondering when I can get back to Little Flower, no more running back and forth between houses and how nice to have my entire studio in one place again. It's been a long hard 7 months, and I haven't even told you about our home renovation and all of the problems we've been fixing. I think I need a separate blog for that! But here I am, settling in and gearing up to reopen my etsy shop!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

slow studio

The process of setting up a new studio is pretty serious business. The picture above is of my shelving project. I am using the Gorm shelving from Ikea. I had a nice section of this from my old studio and decided it worked so well that I would build onto it. And I am quite pleased with how it is turning out. I was able to extend the height about 2 feet so I now have 8' shelving which in person is quite impressive! I ran into a slight delay last night and need to take a 3rd trip to Ikea (oh darn!) to pick up more shelves. But the space is coming together at a good pace, we still need to move my kilns in and run the electric lines, as well as have the heater/ac unit installed and dare I hope for new windows and doors sometime soon?! But I will be back to Little Flower business on monday! Monday!!! I am excited!!! I will be working a limited schedule to start but I should be able to open my etsy shop. I'll do a more detailed post about the studio soon, for now, take care!