Monday, August 31, 2009


Finally fall is in the air! I fired the kiln last night and feel grateful for the cooler temperatures today so I can cool down the studio and spend the afternoon making away. I made a giant to-do list last week, which includes stocking 5 stores, 1 very nice gallery show, the usual orders from my site and custom orders. I drew up a production schedule so that somehow I will have all of this completed by the end of September/ early October. Thank you all for the business! I guess that is why I've been a little silent on here. Growing a person and a business is alot of work, but I'm up for the challenge. I've been working less hours than I used to, and giving myself time to sleep. This might sound strange but I usually have one speed and that's go, so slowing down makes me feel lazy - but I'm enjoying it! Taking time to read everything I can about baby things, researching items for the wee one, who knew such a small person needed so many things! or do they? We decided to keep up the greening of our life by choosing eco-friendly items for the wee one. And we're whittling down what they will really need with the help from some mom's and dad's we know. My personal goal is to avoid giant plastic items, at least while we're choosing, I know I'll give in if the little person falls in love with a big plastic toy that looks like fun - but for now, we can do with out that. I guess I'm a little baby item obsessed right now so it's little flower/baby all day and all night! Oh, and family and friends too! Hope everyone is looking forward to fall as much as I am! xo, Linda

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my cup

Sometimes it's hard to hold onto my own work but every once in awhile I pull something out of the kiln and set it aside to think about keeping. Since clay is my livlihood I usually let go of the idea that something will become mine. But this sweet little cup is now mine! It is one of the first in a series of similar cups that will make their way to my site this fall. It is one-of-a-kind for a theme of bigger birds with flowers all done freehand without more than a concept. I usually create characters that I then repeat and they become part of my line. But here is a turn towards re-inventing what my line is! There is quite a bit of change going on here, with me, my home, my work and this cup is my personal reminder of this new phase.

Friday, August 14, 2009

15 weeks 1 day

Hi, I've been a little silent on here but I have a very good excuse! My Mister and I have collaborated on a very special project, our first child! We are beyond excited as this is our first collaboration! I think all of our friends and family now know but if we somehow missed you, surprize! As you can imagine things will need to change a bit in my little flower world. Somethings already have. As I figure out how to run my dear little biz without running myself into the ground. And then to run it with a wee one, while being the best mommy I can be. I invite you to follow along! So here I am, 15 weeks 1 day!
Have a happy weekend!
xo, Linda

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

done with shows!

I just completed my last show, possibly of the year! The picture above is of my tiny spot at the Buyer's Market of American Craft. This was my first wholesale show, all and all it was a good experience. I went into it feeling a bit ill prepared so the fact that I made it there is pretty amazing and that I had printed materials to hand out is even more shocking! This is not my usual way of going about things but sometimes life throws too much at you at once and you just have to do your best to get through it. And that is what I did. I know everyone wants to know how I did! I picked up a few orders, which seemed to be what the other group booth crafters did as well. I might have done better in my own booth but I might have bombed and paid a zillion dollars - so given what it cost to try this show I'm pretty indifferent.
Now it's on to the making! My shelves are pretty empty and I have a stack of orders to fill. After a little cleaning I'll feel back on track - also, I can finally put my show bins away and settle in for winter?!