Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Blog

I am starting to blog again! I'm starting slow with some short posts about being a mama maker. You can read here: http://lindajohnsonstudio.blogspot.com/?m=1

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I love fall and September not only sends the kids back to school, it brings the cooler weather. There is nothing like a kiln warmed studio on a chilly day!
Above is a platter design I am very happy to share, I have been offering this quietly as I work out the details in making it. It takes quite a bit of time as all of the lines are drawn into it. I did make a mold to press it out but I still find myself cleaning up almost every line! The 6 colors are hand painted on in a random pattern so no two platters are alike. This platter has the feel of the direction my work is headed which makes it a favorite to make, use and admire.
If you would like to order one and help keep the studio toasty warm in the coming weeks, now is a great time! I am offering Free Shipping on my site for the entire month of September!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


It's nearly fall, Labor Day weekend is close and I am busy in the studio. It's holiday prep time! One of the things I like to do each day (if I can) is take my daughter and our beagle on a long walk at the nearby trail. It is such a great way to take a break from the studio and to get out. Sometimes we go on a "family run" or we go off the main trail to be "explora's" We all enjoy the fresh air and being in nature. Sometimes we spot a blue herring or a deer and sometimes I scout out locations to shoot my pots! I feel a new look to my site coming.

Monday, January 13, 2014

finding this space again

hers and mine
Dear Internet,
I didn't forget you, I've been eyeing up this space to share again. I'm sorry I left for so long, I was distracted by facebook and instagram and a wee one wanting to play. But here I am, warming up for some sharing! I've been making pots, so many pots. And navigating the craft world as a mama maker. Which has had it's challenges, in the most heart warming ways. What used to come easy is now more meaningful and somewhat of a labor, but of course it's a labor of love. I plan to use this space, as well as instagram to share how we make it work for us. Little by little my hope is to create a place to inspire and to share our joy! How wonderful it is to be able to do something I love with my little one each day.
Happy 2014!
Mama Maker

Monday, July 2, 2012

it's more than just clay

poppy-ish mug and chevron plate 2012
Behind the plates, cups and vases is an independent business run by one woman doing everything. It's something that I am proud to do and while it sometimes takes me a long time to get everything done. I am happy to do what I do. I am close enough to launching my rebuilt webshop that I can say it out loud! Coming this august, my web shop will reopen with fresh wares! www.littleflowerdesigns.com

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


pillow!, originally uploaded by littleflowerdesigns.

It has taken me quite sometime to pull this together. I am happy to finally and somewhat slowly be launching a textiles line! First up is this bold bird patterned pillow. It's a linen/cotton blend 20x20", designed and sewn by me. I am so happy, I hope you like it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Figuring it out again.

It has been taking me awhile to get my studio and business back in running order. The wee lady is now 2, we are a year and a half into renovating our home. My studio is in working order but still needs a few major projects done. It's been a long hectic process. It feels like the craft market and community has changed quite a bit in that time and I'm trying to catch up. What are the good blogs, shows, networks to socialize in? It's become overwhelming! I also keep thinking I need to make some changes. It's an intimidating and scary time but I'm up for it. This little potter is diving back in! But slowly, I've got a lot on my plate this time!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

happy holidays!

It has been a long and exhausting year but I am finally back in the swing of things! My studio is up and running, work is cooling in the kiln and I have a holiday show coming up on saturday! I am working on photos of my new work while the kiln cools and wanted to share my new Peace Cloud Ornament! I also made them to say "joy" and "hope"! They are now available in my etsy shop!

Come out to the Holiday Heap Show in Baltimore on December 3rd to shop in person!!! I'd love to see you at this super fun show! I just LOVE this show and can't be more thrilled than to be included!

Keep an eye out midweek for a photo update!
<3 Linda

Thursday, August 11, 2011

nature and gifts

Summer has been so nice, we are in our new house, still renovating (endlessly) but enjoying living more in nature. I'm not sure how I'll pull two thoughts together to share but I want to try. I recently ran into one of my old sculpture professors from Tyler, we both often walk the same trails in a nearby park. I spoke with her briefly and was amazed at how she always has something so valuable to say, and how the information always feels like a gift. She suggested I read a book called "the Last child in the woods" a wonderful suggestion since I had my wee lady on my back and I was walking our beagle. I kept thinking about the book and how a simple hello turned into me really needing that book! I just started reading it but it is just perfect for me right now, how amazing is that? It talks about the value of nature in child development. And having just moved to a home that is immersed in nature (large windows, big yard, deer, fox, trees, birds, etc) so that our daughter could grow up in a nice place surrounded by these things, it felt good to have someone I admire make such a nice suggestion. I've also been watching my daughter discover her surrounding. She looks at everything very carefully, every detail, and she likes to share these "new" things with me, also an incredible gift. This has me thinking about how to continue on with my art. I think it's become more of a job for me lately, which luckily it is a job I love but how wonderful would it be if I could turn it into something that felt like a gift, a well thought out gift inspired by nature, now that would be amazing!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My Etsy shop is now open! and may I say whew! as in I'm wiping the sweat off on forehead for having reached this goal today. I just sent out my e-newsletter and hope you all receive it. I have decided to do 5 emails per year unless there is something extra special going on. So it will be 4 seasonal newsletters, plus one for the holidays. You can sign up here ; ) To celebrate the re-opening of my etsy shop and beginning to work in my new studio, I am offering 20% off, just visit my facebook page (and "like" it) to get your special coupon code.

Next up for this Little Flower Lady is to begin working in clay again! and hopefully packing up lots of pots to send out to new their new homes!

Happy Summer!