Friday, March 19, 2010

a list for the mama maker/ things you'll need to know

  • baby comes first (a given!)
  • get your health back because having a baby beats you up
  • don't set goals until after the baby is born (intentions yes but no "do by" dates)
  • enjoy your wee one even if they never let you eat your dinner hot
  • if you are nursing (breast is best!) it is intense
  • and nursing is around the clock
  • as a maker you already don't sleep much right? well, here's a new level of tired!
  • my baby does sleep but due to the nursing it takes me 12 hours of nursing then sleeping to feel rested, so i have to go to bed at 8pm to be up and rested by 8am (that's with about 4 feedings if I'm lucky!)
  • get some fresh air
  • go for a walk and chit-chat with neighbors, people love to see new mama's making their way outside with the new baby and their smiles will mean more than you can imagine
  • strap that baby onto you to help loose that baby belly quicker (that will work right?!)
  • set a small goal each day to feel like yourself, today my goal is to draw!!!
  • new mama's can and do shower
  • try to clean your studio before the baby comes, you'll be so glad you did! ( i didn't, ugh!!!)
  • make a clean spot for baby to nap or hang out while you work, infants want to be with you 24/7 and you'll want your mini me with you too
  • it's ok to take time off
  • although the craft world changes daily, you can jump back in when you are ready
  • and people will be there to welcome you back (right?)
  • anyhow, it's ok to take time off - to the mama makers out there, mostly remember that! Maybe even try to take a family vacation!

'tis all for now!