Monday, March 31, 2008


I love spring! It's not so springy here today but I'm loving all the little sprouts in the yard. We're still waiting on our first flower but we do have chives already! Since we are waiting on our yard, I thought I'd do a little spring cleaning. And with all the new wares taking over the studio, I need to make some room. So if you are in or around Philly on April 12th. Come by the Liberties Walk in Northern Liberties for the Springtacular Saturday Market. I will be pulling out all the old pots, the ones I've boxes up over the years and kept stashing away. There will also be some more recent little flower seconds, especially from last year when I was trying out new clays! So look for my bright pink umbrella! And under it you will find a sea of lovingly made Linda pots seriously cheap!

Springtacular Saturday Market
on April 12th from 12-7
1030-1040 N. American Street Philadelphia, PA
for my Studio Clean Out Sale!

Friday, March 28, 2008

fresh for spring!

Dear Friends,
The new Little Flower Designs site is up! I am so excited to share my new line of dinnerware with you!

To celebrate all the newness I am offering free shipping on US orders of $75.00 or more from now 'til sunday 3/30/08. A Grand-Re-Opening Sale of sorts! So come celebrate dear blog readers!

Little Flower Designs

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday all you bunnies! I hope everyone that observes easter had a nice one and for those that don't I hope it was a lovely weekend. I'm back to the web prepping (almost done now!) but I won't go on about that!

Scoutie Girl included one of my vases in her friday shout out, Thank You!!
Emily Gagne from Philadelphia Home wrote this very nice blog entry about my new line, she contacted me last month to have a few samples sent over for the summer issue, I am beyond happy that she liked everything so much!! It was the first time I sent samples out of unseen work! Thank you Emily for writing such an encouraging and lovely post!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Happy Spring! and it truly is a beautiful spring has sprung day here in south eastern PA. ahhh! As the grass comes back to life and the trees begin to bud, it feels like the right time of year to be launching a new line of work. The site is shaping up nicely, and will be ready early next week, I would tell you the exact day I wrote on my calendar but I don't want to tease you in case something happens. So while we are all anxiously awaiting the brilliant new collection of little flower wares, I thought I'd share my little side project.

Pictured is one of my new ceramic drawings. An illustrated bird tag! The inspiration for these lovelies (and there are more) is to keep things fresh. Since water colors don't always translate well, I started to sketch on my clay slab scraps, which not only keeps me from having to re-wedge my scraps, it gives me an informal surface to doodle on. And the part that I love the most is using the glazes as if they are water colors, nice and washy.

Happy beautiful first day of spring!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

almost there

note! Deep in the process of a site re-do I realize that it's been quite some time since I treaded this far into the web design world. New navigation, new graphics and gosh all the new work which require pictures, pricing structure, and formatting. Plus, keeping up in the studio! Not to make excusses, or claims of difficulty, nothing I am doing is difficult for me, just time consuming. So please bare with me as I try to finish up glazing last weeks work, get the kiln on, make a cup of tea and get back to the task of launching a new Little Flower Designs site. Wishing you all well!
xoxo, Linda

Monday, March 10, 2008


That's how last week went by. I'm popping in to say that I'm working on my site update. Today was my projected launch date but it's looking more like tuesday or wednesday. Truly I am not trying to be super secretive but I put so much time into all the new that I want to give it a proper showing.

A few weeks ago Lisa at Milkshake Crafts tagged me for 7 things (sorry so late, dang flu!) So here are 7 random things about me!
1. I use to be afraid of dogs, now I'm the biggest dog lover ever!
2. I fancy myself a painter but I rarely paint.
3. I spent 2 summers in Alaska gutting salmon. It really wasn't that bad!
4. I love going for walks.
5. If I work late in the studio, I need orange juice when I finish. oj at midnite!
6. I'm finally a laptop person, it only took me 3 months to accept it!
7. tv! I also watch bad tv, like entertainment news and celebrity reality shows, only I call it market reseach, like paging thru fashion magazines and reading too many blogs. Celebrities help set trends so it's important to know what's in!

Monday, March 3, 2008


Wow! March already!! Since I spent most of last month sick I feel like I didn't get a February. I'm doing much better now but, can you believe this dang flu is still hanging on? It's more like an annoying itch on my throat with bouts of crazy coughing but, I'm back to work which feels sooooo good!!!

This week look for a sneak peek at my new dinner ware! And a peek at my special project. The wares are cooling in the kiln right now and as long as the firing went well, I'll have a table full of newness to share and hopefully a nice website update, which I know, I know, is long overdue!

A note! To anyone I owe an e-mail to or an order, I am getting to everything this week, special orders are in the kiln and some had to be re-made after a pre-flu bad firing (drippy glazes - ugh) I will follow-up with an individual e-mail but wanted to say something here because I know a bunch of you read the blog and I'm slowly weeding thru e-mails. Thank you all for being so patient with me and my sick self.

Happy feels like spring day!!! xoxo, Linda