Friday, May 9, 2008

baltimore's so nice

Baltimore's so nice I'm going there twice!
I was just accepted into the Charm City Craft Mafia's summer show - Pile of Craft!! Thanks CCCM!!! I'm looking forward to a great show, I can't wait to see who else was accepted!

And twice?! Oh yes indeedy! We'll head back in July to sweat it out at DIY@Artscape for 3 days. And for you Baltimore travelers, please let me know if you have a hotel recommendation with free wifi!
So it's a big old studio day for me, there's glazing to do and alot of it! And since I always forget to followup here with information from previous posts, my new glaze is working out very well. I'll be able to do a final fire with it by sunday!! I tested it a zillion times to be sure. And our anniversary was lovely! My present for the Mr. was a wee digital camera so he can take it on motorcycle rides! And he got me a box of goodies that I'll have to snap a picture of. My favorite though is a handmade antique locket, now to figure out what to put in it!
Happy Friday!! And Happy Mother's Day to all the momma readers!

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