Wednesday, January 17, 2007

mobile shanty-style drying rack

Problem solved! Since I was having a winter problem I decided to make it summer in the studio with my snazzy mobile shanty-style drying rack. This baker's rack was a total score at an auction a bunch of years ago. It is often under utilized due to the need to make more shelves for it. But, today I fitted a plastic cover to it and gathered up a pretty good stack of shelves to use, the rest can be made in the very near future. This will protect my gems from the very dry current of clay ruining air that is warming this little potter while she works. And if this isn't enough, I will pull out the humidifier : ) No more throwing caution to the wind, there just isn't time for that. Are you wondering what happened with the clays I tested? They are not white enough. I have 2 more on order and will give them ago but for now, its full steam ahead. I actually have the problem way down, I've been throwing tea cups like crazy to test out different drying styles and the shanty rack seems to be the way to go.

Studio news! Lots of orders were shipped out today and just a few more tomorrow. Basically I am caught up. Some of the orders will go out next week when the next batch of tea pots are done. I can finally start to replenish my stock, my shelves are just about empty. Everything from the last firing came out of the kiln and went right into boxes to ship. Except the tests pieces which were scrutinized and frowned upon. Funny though, the new clays made me love my old clay. To celebrate the winning clay I threw some vases which will be carved and doodled on. More on the doodling soon...

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