Friday, March 13, 2009


So, it's friday the 13th. I tend to be superstitious about so many things, but not this date! Or the number 13, unless it relates to flying. There are exceptions to everything right? Anyway the weekend is here, and I am so happy for that. Completely un-related to the date, I wanted to share a picture of my new table sign in process. I realized I never followed up with pictures from prepping for the ACC show - sorry. The new sign was a project I had planned for almost a year, and I am beyond happy to finally have completed it. The materials are linen and microfiber. And here are the steps to create it!
  • print out the letters on the computer - I used my logo font
  • roughly cut out the pattern letters
  • pin it all down to the microfiber only
  • then cut and cut and cut until all the letters are cut out
  • lay it out on the linen so it's perfect
  • pin it all down carefully (pictured above)
  • machine sew the letters to the linen
  • then using spray starch, iron it like mad
  • complete - see it here!

I am so happy with my table sign, it's simple and will hopefully get me through many shows. Next I will share printing my bags! Oh the wonders of running a small business!

I have a busy day planned in the studio and sunlight is pouring all over my work table! I will be launching the new designs next week for spring and need to have a few things completed in time. Having a bit of sunshine is helping to build the excitement.

I hope you all have a great weekend! And happy St. Paddy's day for those that are going green this weekend!

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