Wednesday, March 4, 2009

back from ACC

I'm back from the ACC show in Baltimore, I took 2 days off to relax, ahh!
First I need to thank everyone who came out to support the show, thank you for making it such a great experience. And to my customers, Thank You!!! I hope you love your new little flower wares. Also, Thank You to the show organizers who did such a great job and my friend Sue for staying with me during the entire show!
I was in the AltCraft section which gave a newbie like me the opportunity to try out a show like this with a smaller set-up (pictured above) at a smaller price (great for my small budget.) Everything went so smoothly from the drive down, to setting up, to all 3 days at the show. Friday was amazing, the serious shoppers were out, they strolled the show making lists of what they want and engaged in such great conversation. Friday was a seriously professional craft day! My guess is that the collector's of fine craft come on Friday before the weekend crowds. Saturday and Sunday were a little different, the show was packed with lookers, families and had a different vibe. Although I managed to do well in sales, it seemed to be more about coming to see the show. We had many people ask what AltCraft is and why we were separated from the rest of the show. As the weekend progressed I started to wonder what AltCraft was too! I don't think, when you get down to it that there really is a difference. We are all makers, we are all small business owners, and we are all working to make a living at something we love that comes from our hands. My explanation went from describing the difference between indie and traditional crafts - which lead to puzzled looks. To explaining that we are new to the show and were juried in to do this smaller section in the hopes that we do so well we come back next year in a full booth. Which was my hope : ) Although I do not feel I did well enough to justify the costs of a full booth and staying in a hotel. I do feel that the show was a success for the section I was in. My new designs were well received and people seemed to have a real interest in what I am doing. I was also able to invite people out to my next show in Baltimore which seemed to stir up alot of interest.
Thank you again to everyone that made this show a good experience and to my fellow AltCrafters for sharing the weekend with me. I've posted some photos of the weekend here:
I will be sorting through my bins today and updating my site and etsy. Look out for a major restocking : )


Jerry said...

It was great meeting you at the show, Linda. Hopefully we will be able to make it to the other Baltimore show as well.

I did a recap of our ACC experience at my blog if you are interested.

WildMagnolia said...

Congrats on your success! Your table set-up looks great. Your work is soooo pretty.

michele d.

Little Flower Designs said...

Jerry, It was great meeting you too! I will be sure to read your post : ) Hope to see you in May.

Michele, Thanks! I've been planning the new sign and table cloth for some time, thanks for noticing!!!