Thursday, April 24, 2008


As a maker, I love seeing into others studios, what materials they are using, the tools, inspiring objects, and sketches. I love seeing how others create. My own process is becoming a daily ritual. Sketch in the morning, and the evening and make pots in between. Here's a look at my main work table (where the magic happens!) I'm all about platters and plates right now, and that's my giant sketch book I've been lugging around the studio and house. It's filled with top secret information but, I'll share this bit with you. A preview of what's to come for summer shows. I'm somewhat secretive about my sketchbooks, I can't sketch in public, it makes me nervous. If you ask to page thru my sketch book, I'm so sorry, but no way!! I'll only give you glimpse of what I feel confident about sharing. And this dear people of the nets is a picture of what filled me with satisfaction yesterday afternoon. Sketches and all!
Have a wonderful day,

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