Thursday, May 1, 2008


Some might think I'm crazy but I've decided to revise my website again. This time I am working on a look book like feel. This is such a fun project, and the timing is perfect to get me outside to enjoy the nice weather. It is also an escape from some of the not so fun studio issues I've been having. It seems like each spring I run into some sort of technical problem and show season starts in just a few weeks. To tackle the problem I have my wee test kiln working overtime, so maybe this weekend I can get back to the firing of the big stuff. I'm having a bloring(an issue too boring to blog about) glaze problem. I'll snap a pic in the studio tomorrow - it's nuts in there right now, platters both round and rectangular are quite abundant. And vases, oh the vases to hold all those beautiful spring blossoms!

Happy May!!!


Noelle said...

I just stumbled upon your blog...via One Black Bird. I love this bird vase! I once had a little bird holiday ornament that was covered in a mosaic of tiny diamond shaped mirrors. Your charming birdies very much remind me of that ornament.

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Noelle, thanks for stopping by and commenting with the nice words!
Best, Linda