Wednesday, April 23, 2008

earthly everyday

Yesterday was a big day here in Pennsylvania, the primary (congrats to Hillary Clinton), earthday and a beautiful spring day.

A thought on Living Green.
I try to live green every day, I also try to run Little Flower as green as I can afford. It's the little things that are easy to do that can make a big difference. Why be wasteful? Here are a few little things I do in my day-to-day that maybe you can do too.

  • bring your own bags when shopping
  • turn off everything you are not using
  • drive less (easy for me, I work from home)
  • reuse, re purpose, recycle (is it really trash?)
  • take care of your plants
  • grow native plants
  • only print what you really need and use the back of the paper too
  • clean green
  • and now that summer is coming, buy local or grow your own fruits and veggies

and now a note on compact fluorescent bulbs - oh mercury containing light source, thank you for saving energy but, how do I throw you away when your light goes out? earth 911 might have the answer for you, I'm still looking for one in my community. Also, the Mr. and I seem to burn thru those bulbs pretty quick, is anyone else noticing that they don't quite last as long as expected? We just started writing the date on them when we put in a new one, the test has begun!!!

I'm off to etch dogwood platters! and lucky for me they are in full bloom right now!!! I snapped a zillion pictures yesterday, awww spring.


Jerry said...

As for disposing of CFLs, I know that our local co-op market will take both CFLs and batteries for proper disposal. You might want to check any in your area to see if they do the same.

Also, I found this neato calculator the other day:

Has lots of good tips.

Little Flower Designs said...

Jerry, Thanks for the tip! I'm going to check out the site you mentioned, sounds perfect for me!

erinn said...

mmm. I can't wait to see the dogwood platters. That is my favorite tree. :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and as a fellow potter, I have to say I am impressed. As far as your light bulbs, I read some place that if you have them in a spot that is constantly being turned on and off, you will burn thru them quicker. I feel strange telling you this when I am not a normal reader. But who is to say what is normal. -Leah guerin

Little Flower Designs said...

hey leah,
thanks for the tip, i did know that, i think i just have them on more than average, i work lonng hours so they are on all the time. some say they are 10 year bulbs so when i get less than 1 year out of them I'm dissappointed.

I'm open to any and all green tips!

Erinn, the dogwood platters are coming!


Jacques said...
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