Monday, September 3, 2007

black bird fly

Sometimes I have music playing in my head when I'm working. When the cd runs out and I'm enjoying the silence, my mind begins to wander and soon I'm quietly carving and singing. Then comes a new design. Well a bunch really. Here are 3 newbies. The middle one with the black birds is my favorite. It was mainly inspired by the birds at our bird feeder in the late afternoon when the sun is bright and the birds are in silhouette. The banner is something I include in most of my watercolors and now I'm happy to use it here, and then there is the pattern - a version of the flower of life. I've seen it in many places over the years. It is a pattern that comes into my life quite a bit and sometimes makes my head spin. So I'm taking it to make it my own, maybe now I can find my peace with it!


juju designs said...

I LOVE your birds...they're so wonderful!

Little Flower Designs said...

Thank you!