Friday, August 31, 2007

friday and a beautiful weekend

Mother nature has a beautiful weekend planned for SE Pennsylvania! I am extremely grateful for this because tomorrow I am heading back to 2nd and Pine for the Creative Collective Craft Show and couldn't be more pleased. If you're in the city please stop by, I have 2 new tea cups designs and a dozen or so wee vases that I've been playing around making. All are cooling in the kiln right now. And I also have some discounted items : )

This is my new favorite picture, I just love dogs and beagles, oh my! They are just the most loving breed. Milo(left) is our neighbor beagle and Miss Marley's BFF - if he didn't have super loving parents I'd want him for myself. It doesn't come thru in my work but I am so inspired by these creatures. I guess it started with a general love of dogs but after meeting Healy (my first beagle as an adult) and taking care of him, I am amazed at the amount of love and loyalty they give. Miss Marley is getting there, we're forming that strong bond but I do admire her free spirit and how she loses her mind from time to time. It's so funny to see her run and jump and have no idea why, just puppy energy! I think what I take from knowing them is their genuine spirit, I hope that vibe is felt in my work.

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend!
Remember summer isn't over just because school's starting! We still have a little time to play and enjoy the season.

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