Friday, August 24, 2007

random friday

Mentioned! I received a nice e-mail this morning from Lynn Dotson at Handcrafted - The cure for the common wedding.
She has a lovely blog featuring great ideas for the engaged!

Home Projects - Dining in the dining room is now a real possibility for us. As you can see we need a new table - or maybe we'll refinish this one... we'll see what the fall brings. Our next project is going to be painting the living room, I'm so excited about this one!

Studio - I owe this blog pictures of my studio, maybe this will be a 2 post day. It is nice and clean and now worked in and the new layout is helping me to keep things orderly.

A week or two ago Erin at Happy Living Design tagged me for 8 things and I've been slacking on posting them, so here are 8 blogs I'm inspired by this week.
  1. Lena Corwin
  2. Amy Rice
  3. decor8
  4. The Cabin House
  5. sew green
  6. dooce
  7. Rae Dunn
  8. Lisa Congdon


shayna said...

hi! thanks for the mention. i'm a big fan of your lovely ceramics. even posted about them on my other blog a long while back...glad to have found you again!



Little Flower Designs said...

thank you!!! I am loving your cabin project, it's a dream we have and hope to fulfill soon.
xoxo, Linda