Wednesday, September 5, 2007

refreshed and funny

Last nite Steve and I headed to the city to see dinosaur jr play at the Troc. It was such a good show and evening. Just what we needed. So now I feel refreshed and ready to dive into the studio to get a ton done.

But first I thought I'd share this picture of Marley's favorite evening activity - bug hunting! Every evening she spends about 3 hours outside hunting bugs. The bug in the picture is a locust, she spent about an hour barking and jumping around this bug! Her favorites are the cicada's which must be pretty tasty - she can't get enough of them! I find all this bug activity funny and refreshing, I have to keep reminding myself that this is her first summer and everything is still new to her. She still has her puppy romp and energy and is very healthy. A truly happy girl, especially when she has a bug to play with!


Melissa M. M. McCarthy said...

TOO cute! Reminds me of my old dog Mog. He used to hunt for mushrooms though. Try as I might, I could never rid the yard of them. I think they might have been the magic kind... because he used to stand and sway and look at things funny when he found one & devoured it. :0) Mel

Little Flower Designs said...

That's too funny, we have mushrooms too, I'll keep a look out for a dazed pup!!