Friday, August 17, 2007

carving & etching & inscribing

Happy Friday! and oh boy am I glad this week is coming to an end. I haven't made a thing all week, I think! On monday eve I decided to put up more shelving in the studio which required taking apart my current shelving and reassembling all of it - this led to purging old work (terra cotta sale coming) to oh my gosh, reorganizing everything. I'll post pictures when I finish - just a few finishing touches left, then hopefully I will be ready for the fall and the holidays. This AM I am taking a break from the chaos to pack & ship orders and say hello here!

Picture: I would like to share a part of my process that is often overlooked. All of my designs are carved, inscribed and etched into the surface. It adds a subtle texture that I feel lends itself nicely to tableware. When you hold my work you can feel the love - its in all the carved lines. Not only is my work hand formed (potter's wheel or slabs) it is lovingly inscribed with my original designs and then the colors are painted on. This step also makes each piece one of a kind since everything is done free hand.

I wish you a happy weekend! Its supposed to be a lovely one here in SE-PA : )


ColleenBaran said...

Ahh, so nice to see photos at this stage- and both of these are favourites of mine so extra nice!

I was curious if they were cast or carved.

Little Flower Designs said...

Thanks! yep, I'm nuts- its looks like production pottery but really it is labor intensive pottery that I spend a zillion hours making : )