Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vases are coming!

I am working on the site today and will keep at it until everything is added. I just thought I'd pop over here and give you a look-see at what's coming. I have quite a bit and its turned into a huge update of vases, bowls and of course tea cups. And for those who keep asking, I'm going to put ordering information on the site so that you can make any of my 8 oz. tea cup patterns into a 12oz. mug. Make sure you are on my e-mail list to be the first to know when the site is officially updated. You can sign up on the right side bar. Happy Sunday, it's a hottie here in SE-PA, a good afternoon for a nap! Or for working on your website...

Vases are available in 7 inch and 9 inch sizes and soon 11 inch!


caitlyn said...

Beautiful vases! I might have to grab one. ;)
Later this week, I'll post a photo on my blog of my beautiful Just Friends mug and tile. Thank you again, Linda!

Little Flower Designs said...

Thank You!!! You are such a great support of my work - please send me a link to your blog, I'd love to take a peek!
xoxo, linda