Tuesday, July 17, 2007

update coming

tuesday! wow, I am still working on my web update - it is going to take a bit longer - I've been sidetracked by a little studio project so now I'm hopping between the computer and large slabs of clay. In the mean time, the bowl is another preview of what's being added to the site. I am really loving this bowl - it is my dahlia flower with sporadic dots carved about! So, this bowl is hand thrown, hand carved and hand glazed. All of the lines are carved into the surface then I back fill with glaze - it leaves a very nice texture that often surprizes customers that order online. So, no it is not slip-cast, there is no slip to cast in my studio. The only molds I am using right now are for my tiles and they are hand pressed from slabs. I really do need a tile press, so that just might be my next assignment for Steve - he's handy like that and just might be able to build me one!

While I've been sitting here I've gotten some very nice e-mails and one that always makes me smile is my dear friend Karma's baby pictures. She has 5 month old twins. One boy and one girl - what a lucky mama she is! She entered a sweet picture of her wee boy into a contest to win cloth diapers from kissaluvs - if you have a moment please vote for Henry he is the very first photo on the left. They can really use more diapers!

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