Saturday, July 21, 2007

thinking bloggger

Lori Marie over at Pretty Little Things has awarded me a Thinking Blogger Award!!! Thank you!! Lori is a super talented textile lady who designs for Pottery Barn Kids and her very own super-sweet line of totes, dolls and apparel. I am very honored : )I now get to pass along the honors! I choose artist blogger's that inspire me to pursue my creative path:
One Black Bird - Ceramic artist Diana Fayt's blog about her beautiful work and life as a maker.
This Artist's Life - Whitney Smith is also a ceramic artist who has a wonderful blog and shares so much of what it is to be a ceramic artist in the modern home goods scene. She has also been a huge inspiration to me.
Mish Mosh Art- My friend Sue's blog about her new life in Central New York - she is an amazing artist and has been posting bits on her pursuit to make a home in her new state and to choose an artistic focus. She is a maker of all things wonderful!
Making Home - Melissa runs the Stanly Family Lodge an online shop with a focus on handmade and earth friendly goods. She recently created this new blog to share her pregnancy and making a new home for her family - she is posting some living green tips too! What really inspires me about Melissa is her how thoughtfully she is putting her home together and preparing for the new baby.
Observation Dork - Amy Ruppel is a painter in the NW she, said hello to me at Renegade and I totally spaced -sorry Amy, when I got home it hit me that, my gosh, that was Amy Ruppel and I blew it - so I quickly found my way to her blog and have been reading it for the past month. She just posted about her amazing new studio space, so I will be reading closely to see how this goes - it's something I've been toying with the idea of for a few months now - when is it time to move out of the home studio?!

That's it for today, have a great weekend!
ps- I'm still working on my site update, and for those wondering what's going on, I started to reformat a portion of the site and caused great confusion for myself but, now I am almost done and it's so much better! Sometimes you have to make a mess to clean things up- right?!

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