Friday, July 13, 2007

finishing touches

Almost done!
Just a little trim painting then we'll have a finished room! Here's what I like when I pass thru the dining room, the color and the light fixture. We go thru waves of wanting to replace this fixture but, with the new paint I think its fitting in better than ever.
It's Friday!!! Crazy that a workaholic like me even notices, but that means I have 2 days that I can do some non-little flower things and not feel guilty. Watch a movie, take Marley on an extra long walk. So tomorrow I'm heading downtown to scope out a bi-monthly arts and crafts gathering to see if I want to join in. I'm hoping it will be what I've created it to be in my mind. I would love to have a regular place to show my wares and sell. And a trip downtown is always refreshing!
Studio: I have 2 really cool tile projects in the works, both designed and as of yesterday the molds are made. I'll be sharing more on this very soon. I'm also photographing all the new stuff and hopefully getting it on the site this weekend. I have about 4 new patterns and finally the long awaited serving bowls will be on the site! I get so many requests for serving bowls, I'm hoping everyone will like them as much as I love making them.
3-3's for friday
3 daily must-do's for me
sketching or at the very least doodling
breathing (not just in general! but specifically to calm me - its a technique)
3 summer to-do's
take the canoe out
go down the shore
have a bbq
3 blogs I'm reading
west bank diaries (my sister's journey to Palestine to work with kids, send her good safe vibes)
dooce so funny, I love here letters to her daughter
this artist's life Amazing potter Whitney Smith's blog - she has been such a great inspiration and source of information for me! Thank you Whitney! She is currently in Japan awaiting the results of her first woodfiring.
Have a happy weekend!

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