Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Studio: Designing new work specifically tile, has brought back my love of drawing and watercolor. This is a detail of my current painting. The 2 fish leading the way are John-Paul and Amanda, my old goldfish. They were the friendliest fancy's, so pretty and relaxing to watch. I'm having a great time drawing them and even came up with a goldfish tile - which is in the works. I wish I had taken more pictures of them. Maybe a trip to the aquarium will be my next outing to get a few more action shots for reference.

Home: We're still painting our dining room, hopefully we'll finish tonite. I'm so pleased with the color, it's one of those risky colors that could have gone very wrong but, I think it is perfect!! I'll post a pic this week, I went nuts with the blue painters tape so its not in a sharing state just yet. I'd love to keep going with a whole house re-do... maybe a whole life re-do!! New house, new line of little flower goodness, maybe a fine art show?? Well, there is a new little flower line - soon to be posted. Happy July 10th!

And to my dear sister half a world away, Happy Birthday : )


lori marie said...

hey you! love your new blog.i have been meaning to stop by and say hello. can't wait to see the new dining room and new collection. you're right...new new new! anyways, i am seriously loving the goldfish.your work is so beautiful.

how's the pooch?


Little Flower Designs said...

hi lori! thank you, i needed to freshen things up! we've been here for about 7 years! the goldfish- i've been wanting to include them in somethng for awhile and dug out some big watercolors i started then decided they were too big for me at the time. so now they are just perfect and its funny how the goldfish made it come together, i'm almost done - i'll post the full pic soon.

marley is great, so sweet and quirky, she's becoming such a great pal, thanks for asking!
xoxo, linda

slughunter said...

hi linda!

i love the goldfish watercolor!!! it's incredible!

i've been super busy of late, but it was great to catch up on your blog today.

also your seven month wrap up was great. your seventh month anniversary as F/T potter should indeed be celebrated, especially after eight years, and especially because you've accomplished so much!


Little Flower Designs said...

hi amelia,
thank you!! i was just on your site the other day wondering how you and the slugs are doing : )

i hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer, check back soon, i'll post some pics of Marley - she's turned into a nut! the quirlies little girl in the burbs!
xoxo, linda