Friday, July 6, 2007

fishy friday

When I was a kid we had an aquarium of tropical fish and my favorite fish was this angelfish. I have been thinking about past pets quite a bit lately and wanting to include them in my work somehow. Maybe not my pottery, I really don't see me doing pottery with dogs and cats on it but, fish would be so lovely and they are great to draw, all that detail! I am still working on sketches today and finishing a water color that I started maybe 10 years ago - how did that much time pass? It is quite large for me 22 x 30, usually I work on small drawings on scraps of print paper. Back in college I took an etching class (which I loved) and somehow ended up with everyone's scrap paper - bits torn off of odd sized prints. I love all those scraps and most aren't really scraps at all! Just odd sized paper no one wanted - but me! I never show my watercolors but I might here to document what I am doing. It is something that I have always done and at times it was my only artistis outlet. Since I set out on this clay path I have been trying to come up with a way to capture my watercolors on the surfaces of vessels, it is such a different process and I have a long way to go. Aww, the challenge of ceramics. And I won't settle on decals, something is just lost in decals.

So, onto my friday 3 - 3's:

3 cd's I ordered yesterday!
white stripes -Icky Thump
dinosaur jr. - beyond
the bird and the bee - the bird and the bee

3 movies this week
Sicko - last nite - pretty interesting (sister- are you shocked? a documentary!)
Happy Accidents (3 stars)
Evan Almighty (ok, we are planning to see this one or Knocked-Up or Waitress)

3 artists whose work I'd LOVE to own
Amy Rice (anything and she's showing at Art Star next month)
Camilla Engman (I have a few prints but I'd love one of her paintings)
Jen Corace


Nancy aka CircaCeramics said...

I just have to say:

Always give new techniques a chance! It may open a new world to you and a new dimension to your work. That is how you grow as an artist - Think of it as a new language!


Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Nancy, Thanks for the reminder : ) I am totally open to new techniques and love to try new things - is this about the decals? I have nothing against decals its just not how I want to go about getting a certain type of surface. I am exploring decals a bit for other ideas, I hope you follow along and please be sure to share any techniques/materials you think I might be interested in. I love hearing from other clay artists.
Best! Linda