Friday, June 15, 2007

Renegade tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is the big day, the Renegade Craft Fair!! I think I am 95% packed, just a few more items to organize and then we can load up! I quickly unloaded the kiln this morning and everything came out awesome, I forgot to take pictures but will once I am set-up tomorrow and will post lots of show pics. I have lots of bowls and quite a few vases and one new pattern. So, if you are in NY or anywhere close, be sure to stop by the Renegade Craft Fair and visit me in booth #7. It's a super great show and I'm sure you'll be happy you went if you do go! So grab your dad and head on out for a day of shopping! And don't forget Father's Day is on Sunday : )

xoxo, Linda


lori marie said...

hi miss linda:) hooray for your new blog it looks great!

can't wait see some pics from renegade...hope you sell tons!


Little Flower Designs said...

hi lori!!! thanks! renegade was ok, i sold alot but not quite tons, that brooklyn crowd is a hard sell! they think they can make everything themself: )
xoxo, linda