Friday, June 22, 2007

Renegade, moving forward, honest!

This week was a blur! Last weekend I did the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, so I'll start with that!

Renegade was a really cool show - it was well organized and easy to do, which made things easier on us (myself and Steve) because we went up and back both days : ) It kept Miss Marley out of the kennel - Thank you to Steve's parents for taking care of her and all her puppy energy while we were gone all day. And thank you to everyone that came out in the heat to shop and say hello.

Admittedly it was not my best show but it was still exciting to be a part of the event. I think I am moving into a more high-end/ specialty category and indie shows can be a harder sell due to the thriftiness of most of the crowd. Surprizingly I did better than I thought but I think I'll give a few of the designer craftspeople type shows a go in the near future. I've had my fun with the indies but I just might shop them next summer : ) I am wondering how the other potter's did. Our craft involves so much time and process that it puts us in a different category than say someone selling screenprinted t-shirts, but, I love all those t-shirts and was thrilled to get a supermaggie t-shirt from them in person! A nice couple came by from the American Craft Council and quizzed me on why I'm not doing their shows - and then my dad mentioned a super great show that is done in Vegas and then the ugh's set in. I really should be doing those shows. But, will I enjoy doing them?

I've been at this full time since November 10th, 2006 so, I'm about 7 months into living the dream and it really is awesome. I thought I was going to do a 6 month review but I was so busy getting ready for shows and filling orders that I completely missed that anniversary, whoops! But 7 is a good number so I'll just do it now! This is the public version ; )

For the past 7 months I have been living the life of a potter. Each day I get up, do yoga, play with my dog, grab a cup of coffee and check e-mail, read a blog or 2 then head into the studio. I spend each day making which is pure love. I work from early in the morning to late at nite. My job is my lifestyle, my hobby and my livelihood. It's hard to draw a line and figure out when I should call it a day because I truly love being in the studio. I can take my pots outside to carve and glaze, I get fresh air and can watch the birds at the feeder. Last year I was stuck in an office building watching the clock (note! I had a really nice job that would have been a dream job if I didn't have a burning desire to be an artist and if anyone from ye olde job is reading this, I told HR. at the first interview that in 10 years I planned to be a studio artist and I did it in 8!) back to my days! I super appreciate how I am able to live my life, I am still finding my way and my peace with this. I am constantly thinking and creating new goals. I have a wish list that would drive any career counselor mad but plan to meet each and every goal. Somedays I feel like I am ahead and doing really well and somedays so far behind and clueless that I get really scared. I am guessing that every business owner has these feelings and that keeps me balanced.

So, its June and I'm designing Christmas ornaments! I'm also working on some one of a kind pieces and in July will overhaul my website. It's hard to look beyond that, but I am looking at shows and trying to plan out how to deal with the holidays - last year I was crazy tired and then lost Healy so it was a difficult season for me. I'm still toying with the idea of hiring an assistant, and as much as I love working from home, I am considering a store/studio space.

That's where I am right now, well really I'm heading into the studio to work on orders : ) but in general. Happy Weekend!

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