Monday, June 25, 2007

an early harvest

More tiles! I'm having so much fun with the new wall tiles. The new batch measures 4.25" X 2.75" each and are notched for easy hanging. I just listed them on my site and already sold bunches at the summer shows. I only made 100 of each and boy, that number was bigger than it seemed when I started this project! The next design will be a smaller batch, maybe 25 or 50.

This is Miss Marley wondering why I'm hanging the tiles on the tree! She is now 8 months old and maybe full grown?! We know she is mostly beagle but are waiting until she is done growing to see what else is in her - anyone see anything? She has long legs and can jump really high. I've been calling her a beagle-roo! Sometimes when she's all stretched out sleeping she looks like a kangaroo. She's 99% a super sweety and 1% a holy terror! aw, puppiness!

This week I am mixing it up in the studio to try some new things. I have out my watercolors and some dark brown clay, I feel some newness brewing in me.


Mary Preiser Potts said...

Hey Linda,
I love the tiles! Maybe you should consider doing square ones that people could incorporate into their kitchen/bathroom/whatever room remodels...I definitely think you're onto something! I also can't wait to see your christmas ornaments!
:-) Mary

Little Flower Designs said...

hey miss mary!
yep, i thought of that but i really want to stay in the limited edition relm of tiles - its really just for fun, i'm hoping for some custom orders - but if someone really wanted square tiles I would be happy to make them - just not for distribution to the masses! Ornaments are coming - maybe another 2 weeks or so - I'm making molds this week - i hope!
xoxo, linda