Wednesday, June 13, 2007

art for the cash poor show

Catching up! The Art for the Cash Poor show on saturday was such a good show. I'm kicking myself because I didn't shop. There was so much great art in the room and I only got to take a quick peek. Next year I think I might do both days since it was such a nice show to do. It was well attended and the room was great! I look hot in the picture because I just got set-up and had been running a bit late. I sold a ton of stuff but still have quite a bit to bring to Renegade this weekend and I have a whole kiln load of pageant bowls and vases that will be coming along too. I decided that my new line will be the pageant series. I am testing it out at the shows this month and once I am done the shows and rest up a bit I will make a big to-do about it on my site : ) Right now all I want to do is make big bowls and vases. I am practicing throwing bigger vases, something that I have a struggle with due to a neck injury from a car accident, dang that accident. Each time I increase the weight and size of the clay I am throwing its a whole new set of mussels I have to strenghten and somehow my neck and the supporting mussels are never strong enough. I think I need to take up swimming, anyone have a pool I can do laps in?

So, this week I am gearing up for the Renegade Craft Fair. To me this is the biggest of the indie shows and I am excited to be a part of it. I am doubling up with Leya from Curiousbird who does wonderful collages, patchwork pillows and she's trying something new with her baby bird line of bibs and printed t's. I've never shared a space before but, it seemed like a good idea after doing 2 other shows, and its less stuff to haul! I'll be scaling back my set-up but our tent will be packed with great handmade wares so you can get a t-cup from me and cute baby t from Leya! A perfect shower gift for any new mom!!!

ok, so I'm taking it easy this wednesday morning, i ironed my show table cloths and tent walls, played with marley and now I'm off to do a bit of cleaning then head into the studio to work on web orders. If I currently owe you a t-pot, I am making them today to ship out next week. It's on my schedule : )

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