Friday, June 8, 2007

life's a pageant

Friday! Oh my goodness I have another show tomorrow! Art For the Cash Poor in Philadelphia- put on by local art organization inLiquid. Don't let the name of the show fool you, there will be some amazing art at the show by some terrific Philly artist's and crafter's like me. Everything at the show will cost under $200.00, which is a fun way to get your work out there. For me, most of what I make is under $200... for now! Pictured is the new pattern that I sold out of last weekend. Unofficaillly I am calling my new series "Pageant" because the designs are carved diaganally across the surface, like the sashes the beauty queens wear! I am loving this color combination and it seems everyone else is too! I had serving bowls and vases and they all got scooped up on saturday. I have more in the works in the studio to bring along for Renegade which is next week, another oh my!!! Actually I am really looking forward to Renegade, there are so many crafter's I want to meet, I am hoping to do some walking around and just a little shopping : )

So this week zipped by, the beginning of the week I was so tired it hurt to breathe. Then we had to put new elements in my kiln, a first for us and a little anxiety came with it but for naught! It was easy to do, well, Steve did most of it and I assisted, so the initial firing went great and now I am back up and running. I think I got every single firing I could out of the old ones. It was slowing down over time and the last firing took about 20 hours to reach temperature which is just nuts!

So onto my weekly 3-3's.

3 colors I'm loving
1. kiwi
2. magenta
3. buttercup yellow

3 summer goals
1. re-do my web site
2. more new designs
3. take a break

3 things I want - for my studio
1. slab roller
2. another kiln
3. self mixing glazes!

Happy weekend! If you are in Philly, be sure to stop into the show on Saturday and say hello, there will be bands and music, the info is on the side bar to the right!


caitlyn said...

Wow -- what a stunning design! Will you have other pieces in this pattern? I'll have to add this to my "to-buy" list! =)

Little Flower Designs said...

thank you caitlyn!!! yes, i will have a full line with this pattern, sm. bowls, teacups/mugs, dinner plates... and as always, i am happy to do custom pieces if you have a pattern in mind for a different form and if i like the idea i just might be willing to give it a go before you commit so you and i can see it and decide if its a keeper : )

Amy Rice said...

Hi! Love those bowls!

Little Flower Designs said...

hi Amy, Thank you!!! Can't wait to see your show in Philly : )