Monday, May 28, 2007

when i look up

When I look up from glazing this is what I see. I've been working on the patio and feeling so grateful for spring. The dogwoods were in ful bloom this week and now everything is so green and pretty. And my stawberry patch is just about ready for picking and I know this because all the birds and squirrels have been checking. We covered it with netting and I'm getting the cayenne pepper out today. Last year the chipmonks took a bite out of every single strawberry, the little buggers aren't here this year thanks to the new pup. So I'm doing what I can to get a few for myself. Aww, another reason to live in California! I've been wanting to move to CA lately. It would be too big of a change for us but a girl can dream right?! Since I've been slacking on my blogging I'll catch you up with 3-3's.

3 studio things
1. glazing like a madwoman
2. bowls, got them for everyone!
3. getting ready for a big reveal of new stuff and my new project!!! I have a few samples in the kiln right now, I can't wait to share.

3 music loves(this week)
1. Dinosaur jr. - can't seem to get enough this week
2. Decendents - revived this week while digging thru old cd's, oh how i love thee!
3. xpn's 88.5-2 HD radio - 6 hours of new wave on friday, it was "just like heaven"(Anyone get that?haha!!)

3 home things
1. gardening, wee bits here and there
2. dreaming of new curtains for all the rooms, I even bought some fabic.
3. $2 milk frother from ikea made morning coffee oh so yummy! and special.

Comments! I've been a bit confused on how to reply to comments on this blog, my old journal was super easy to do replies so, I decided that I will respond in the comments section - so be sure to check back it you leave one. Also, I soooo welcome comments to this blog and appreciate your taking the time to follow along.

Have a super sweet Memorial Day!!! I'm still glazing but will take a break to bbq and relax today. I hope you can all relax too.
xoxo, Linda


Susanna said...

Cant wait to see your new stuff! Do you know who ever won that drawing for one of your pieces? Have they even done the drawing yet? Im excited!

kara West said...

You are bookmarked too!! And I am having the same comment confusion over at typepad!

Love the dogwoods, I don't see them here in San Diego, but I loved them when I live in Seattle.

Little Flower Designs said...

susanna, yep, the winner was picked and the prize has been sent out!

kara, i'll be sure to keep in touch. maybe i'll try typepad next!