Thursday, May 17, 2007

me today

I spent some time with my camera this afternoon snapping pics of flowers and Marley and then took a few of me. This is me today. Tired and in thought, so much is going on and life is so very different from just a few months ago. I decided this photo shows where I am and in someways who I am. Today I didn't get my usual full day of studio time but I did get to spend a few hours with Steve, a shopping trip to ikea to help me with my organizing and to buy frames for my ever growing print collection. Whatever we do it is always nice when we can steel a few hours from our busy lives together.
So tomorrow I can start part 2 of my new project. It's a bit secret right now and the humidity is making it take longer but, its ceramics and things always take longer. If you've read my "about" page on my site you will know where I used to work, way, way back. That is my hint : ) I feel like this is going to be something really good for me and for you(my customers/support) so I want to wait until it is 100% ready. The other new work is more functional with new patterns - once the noreaster passes I'll share some pics of that. New dinner plate designs and bowls and tea cups. And I'm going bigger on the t-cups. And mugs will soon be special order. I wanted to do mugs for the summer shows but, handles are a problem with all the packing and un-packing that goes on so, look for real mugs with handles in July.
2 weeks until the very first of the summer shows, yikes! I am prepared to lock myself in the studio until then, we'll see what I can accomplish. I'm putting tons of pressure on myself and really just scaring myself that people won't like my work or they'll scoff at the prices. Last year went so well, amazingly well and this year I hope will be just as good. There will be more pottery this year, which is great for all of us clay people. But, some or most seem to slip cast and use decals which are quick processes and my work is hand thrown, hand carved and hand painted, much more labor intensive and more of the artists' hand. I hope people take time to see all the love and hard work I put into it. Really, once you hold one of my tea cups and feel how nice it is in your hand - you really would understand. I'm full in this year and shows help me gage where I am. Hundreds of people will see my work and hopefully stop to take a closer look. I guess we all go thru this, I'm just feeling it a bit more right now than usual.


amy h said...

I think people that have checked out the ceramics at a few shows will know the reasons for your prices (which aren't unreasonable at all). At the very least, I think there is a growing appreciation for the handmade. Did you check out Diana Fayt's recent post on her One Black Bird blog about pricing?

caitlyn said...

Linda, your work is absolutely beautiful. I don't think your prices are unreasonable because they are completely made from scratch. I am so thrilled that you will begin selling mugs this summer!! Now I have to decide whether to buy a teacup now or wait for the mugs... =)

Little Flower Designs said...

amy h, thank you! I did read her blog and she's right on with that, it's still hard when you people run up excited then see the price and get upset. I decided I would put up a little sign about my process so thet will understand. Sometimes when I explain what I do people get an extra interest. I'm just really nervous this year which is internal, hopefully the shows will be fun, I chose fun shows so even if I don't do well I can relax and enjoy the company!!

caitlyn, thank you, you're so sweet. I'll be sure to post pics here of mugs and if you really want a mug before I set to it I'm always happy to add handles to any of my cups, i actually do that quite a bit : )

xoxo, Linda