Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Midnite, now that I've ruined my chances of getting up by 6am and making a go at a very long day in the studio, I thought I'd pop onto my dear blog and say hello.
It's show season and I'm working away like a good little potter to bring new wares to the people. The image is of my work but I stole it off someone's blog! Thank you to whomever assembled the pics. I will have a bit of the pictured items with me this summer but, I'm seriously going to have a ton of new and its looking like one-of-a-kind work. I'm trying some new ideas out and it is so very refreshing. I also comepletely dismantled my office on sunday and reassembled it. No more misc. piles of papers, just one left to shred and I'll get to that soon. So, right now I feel like I am in good shape or will be by June 2nd which will be the very first show of the summer! I will have the usual + something limited for the wall, something pretty for the table and a whole lotta love for you if you come by and say hello. And just because, I'm going to include a table lovely(teaspoon rest) with each tea cup I sell.
So it goes like this:
Art Star Craft Bazaar June 2& 3 in Philly
Art for the Cash Poor June 9 in Philly
Renegade Craft Fair June 16th & 17th in Brooklyn and I'll be sharing a tent with lovely Leya from Curious Bird.
I also have some new designs to add to my "line" which I hope to do by the end of this month. And after the summer show marathon, I will figure out a way to add a one-of-a-kind section to the site or re-visit etsy.
What else has been going on? Well, Steve and I celebrated our 5th anniversary, yay!! We spent it out and about with good things like an awesome flea market(i need to snap pics of my finds), breakfast at a diner, a super great strawberry cake - but too big so I had to freeze some! Dinner out and oh boy were we beat! Oh and lots of little stops along the way. I gave Steve 5 presents but I'll just tell you about one that he gave me. Our local radio station xpn, has been talking about xpn-2 on hd radio - its y-rock 24/7. I just heard about it and mentioned it to Steve, not as a hint but in a hey, what's hd-radio? way! So the sweetie that he is got it for me : ) They play everything I ever loved and stuff that I want to know about and don't, its college alternative radio at its finest. Seriously. And what's funny is that I remember lyrics to whole songs that I haven't heard in years! When I was 14 I loved New Order, and yep the lyrics are all still there and I never thought I was much of a Siousie fan but yep! got them too. And then they play the Pixies and all the other stuff I have on tape or vinyl and never replaced or downloaded. And now that I'm always in the studio this is just the best thing ever, I feel like I have my own personal dj.
Happy middle of the week!


Courtney said...

i am so excited for you to have new stuff!!! i can't wait. i seriously check your site every couple of days just to see if you've posted anything new :)


Melissa said...

I can't wait to see your stuff at Art Star! I am so completely unprepared right now and I only have a week and a half to pull myself together. *insert shriek here* Love your work!!

Little Flower Designs said...

Thank you for commenting, I'm still getting the swing of blogger so I decided that I will post replies in the comments. xoxo, Linda