Monday, May 7, 2007

It's a contest!

Who wants to win the items pictured?
I'm sponsering a contest on Rare Bird Finds!!! It's a first for me and I'm super excited to do this. The gals over at rare bird have been so supportive of my biz and I am happy to partner with them for this contest. You can go here to read about the contest and how to enter. And be sure to save their site because they post the most wonderful things.
Now get to it! The winner will be choosen May 20th!
(Note - you must enter the contest on the Rare Bird Finds Website! goodluck!)


Susanna said...

I love all your work and I hope I can win the little set!
My number is 954-534-3721. Address: 2200 South Cypress Bend Drive #803 Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Little Flower Designs said...

Susanna, Thank you!!! Please go to the Rare Birds site to enter the contest.


joyce said...

i received one of you cups from a blogging friend. lovely work!
i'll post a picture soon on my blog =)

christi said...


Thanks to RBF and thank you for such beautiful work. I'm glad I found you and I'll post soon, too.

christi said...


Oops. I can't believe I typed in Susanna's name. Sorry! I'm 100 years old this morning!