Friday, April 20, 2007

Tune in at 1pm!!!

It's That's Clever day! If you happen to be home today at 1pm - please watch HGTV (Home & Garden TV) to see me on a crafty show called That's Clever. And if you've wondered onto this blog because you saw the show - please post a comment to say hello! Just for fun : ) and Welcome to the world of Little Flower Designs!

I use this blog to share a glimpse of me and my work with the world and my family that is a bit far away.

The picture is my studio with the full crew squeezed in shooting the episode. It was filmed back in May - nearly a year ago and alot has changed since then. The studio is spiffed up a bit, I've gone from being a potter with a f/t and very serious day job to being a f/t potter and ceramic designer - a dream come true. It is also a New Year's resolution I set for 2000! It took me about 6 years to make the jump and so far it is the best thing I have ever done.

In the show you saw me make my most popular item, my Just Friends tea cup! I have been working away in the studio to make a big, well, gigantic batch of them, just in case the viewing audience would like one and for the summer shows that are right around the corner. Nearly this whole week has been about that tea cup!

On Friday's I post to this blog and I started something I call 3- 3's, here they are for this week.

3 in the studio
  1. I came up with an awesome new design for the guys! To be released after May 6th.
  2. Stepping up! I had the most clay I ever bought at one time delivered for the first time!
  3. I have a new process for a new look - lots of new, its spring!

3 in my life

  1. yoga every morning (Thanks Sue!)
  2. less coffee
  3. Miss Marley (my new beagle) has learned to sit down before she crosses the street!

3 for our world

  1. sending out good energy for the VT families and friends
  2. hoping we pull it together to fix the environment
  3. wishing for inner peace for all, my solution to finding world peace

Happy beautiful friday, its finally a nice spring day here in SE PA!!!


erinn said...

Congrats on your TV debut. Unfortunately I missed the show but checked out the great pics on HGTV.
erinn (from philly biz ladies)

amy h said...

I saw the show! How fun -- congrats!