Saturday, April 14, 2007

one scoop or two

My weekly post was delayed due to tax time. And oh boy! am I organized now. I have a spreadsheet or log chart for everything and you know, it feels good! It actually goes along with a theme we're trying to keep up at our house and that's trying to be neat and clean, we even bought a new vacuum!! And ladies, if your doing most of the cleaning, have your guy pick out and purchase the new vacuum (if needed) and watch them go! Steve's been cleaning everything and even bought extra attachments! Ok, so this isn't the most interesting post, I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to do anything too interesting, hopefully soon... I did however have a chance to meet Eleanor Grosch, she is an amazing designer and even more so an amazing lady! She is most known for having her designs on the new keds, which I'm really liking and hope to buy a pair very soon. She also has her designs on some very cute pillows at Urban Outfitters. She spoke at a local business meeting and very generously shared how she started her design career with great details about her process and where she wants to go next. What an inspiration. One thing she mentioned was needing to be more scheduled when it comes to the day-to-day. I totally need to be too and started off this week with some structure which brings me to my three 3's.

3 things I improved in my life this week (kindof heavy!)
  1. start each day with yoga (this is huge because I like to practice in the evening!) a tip from a good friend ; )
  2. get up earlier and at a regular time
  3. keep track of expenses as they happen (no more piles of receipts!)
3 things to help you train your puppy
  1. take them for walks- I believe this makes them respect you
  2. follow each "no" with an insane amount of praise once they stop doing the bad thing
  3. carry them around like a baby- this might just be a Marley quirk! but it calms her down

3 things I'm doing in the studio

  1. carving new designs
  2. picking colors
  3. tile (back to where it all began!)

And a shameless plug! Set your tivo/dvr/vcr for Friday April 20th at 1pm (check your local tv guide to be sure) for That's Clever on HGTV and you can see me flip my hair about and make this and this. And if you'd like to see a bit of it now, take a look! I have no idea why the pics looks so weird - especially the one of me! Happy week!

ps- the picture is of the most ordered item this week!

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