Friday, April 6, 2007

more 3's and my weekly update

I am trying to commit to a weekly update of this blog and its shaping up to be a friday thing. I want to post more but at the very least friday will be update day! It's been a busy week, as they all are lately. The kiln is cooling this morning so I am mulling about on the computer and trying to figure out the holiday weekend which I was planning to work thru. Well, we will have dinner with Steve's family on Sunday but, that leaves the rest of it for work. This week was consumed by orders which I am so thankful for and some cleaning and organizing. So where is the fun? Well, I do have a puppy, and that is lots of fun : ) I am hoping we head out to a movie or for a drink or something this weekend since I really have been home and in the studio all week.

The press has been very nice to me lately, I will be sure to share as things come out. I was given a little assignment that inspired this post of 3's. I had fun with the previous 3's so this might be a weekly too!

3 most played artisit's of the week
PJ Harvey
Erin McKeown

Morrissey/ The Smiths (I went old school when I saw he is coming to Philly)

3 things I want to wear
Prairie Underground Long Hoodie (as pictured in Venus Zine this month! not in black)
Supayana (a top, but which one? I can't stop looking!)
SuperMaggie Passion Flower T

3 rugs for the house
Angela Adams Nasturtium / Dusk
Company C Raspberry Sorbet
Company C Suzani Turquoise

I am working on some product photos and some styled photos for press and for my site - this is the new Table Lovely pic - it looks better/sharper off the blog! Well, that's it for this friday, I'm off to play with Miss Marley and unload the kiln.

Happiness to all!


amy h said...

Morrissey is coming here, too. I considering going for a second, and if I were back in high school, I'd have totally been there.

I've been drooling over that hoodie for months!

Have a good weekend.

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Amy! I hope you check the comments - I can't figure out your e-mail. It seems we have the same tastes and styles! I wish you lived closer so we could see Morrissey together and wear our matching hoodies! I bet the tickets are just as much... Have a great weekend - send me your e-mail addy.
xoxo, Linda